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Damar Hamlin by Toby Rogers

Pfizer kills a Black man on live TV and then tells us that we’re not supposed to talk about it
Pfizer literally killed a Black man (stopped his heart for 9 minutes) on live TV and then told all Americans to shut up if they know what’s good for them. That’s the sort of power that Julius Caesar, Stalin, and Mao possessed — and now that raw murderous totalitarian power is in the hands of the most ruthless corporation on earth. And the establishment has made it clear that we will be banished from polite society if we talk about the actual cause.
So that’s the world we live in. Pharma has killed several hundred thousand Americans and millions more around the world with the clot shot. Then they killed a guy in the first quarter of Monday Night Football and there will be no investigation and we’re all just supposed to nod our heads and blame it on coincidence.
We said it would happen and it happened. A vaccinated NFL player’s heart stopped during the first quarter of Monday Night Football.
It’s not really that complicated. If you repeatedly inject billions of people with a shot known to cause blood clots you’re going to see lots of heart attacks — everywhere — at school, at the gym, during a live newscast, at the mall, on the highway, and during sporting events.
Players, coaches, staff, and fans will also have heart attacks in the NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball in the coming years.
The outcome of the NCAA basketball final last year was influenced by the fact that a star player for North Carolina, “fully vaccinated” of course, had to leave the game with myocarditis. But we we’re not allowed to talk about that and so it keeps happening.
II. The movement blinks
Within minutes of the heart attack Pharma used MedTwitter to flood the zone with a lie — that the heart attack was definitely a result of “commotio cordis” — an extremely rare sports injury whereby a kid struck in the chest (usually by a baseball) can experience cardiac arrest.
There are all sorts of reasons why this is false. Unlike baseball players, football players wear hard plastic chest protectors. The tackle was not unusual and if anything Hamlin shifted his body to the side in ways that deflected the collision. And commotio cordis usually only happens in kids under 15 years old — by the time one is an adult the body is more fully developed to protect the heart from such a blow. But that did not stop every vaccine injury denialist on Twitter from shouting from the rooftops that the tackle, and not the deadly vaccine, was the culprit.
At the same time MedTwitter told us — vaccine skeptics — to STFU and that any speculation on our part was dishonoring Damar Hamlin and his family.
So first they lied and then they tried to silence us.
I’m disappointed by the fact that some of the big name newbies in our movement immediately fell for the “commotio cordis” psyop. I imagine that they fell for it because they are scared of the enormity of the truth — that is: we are living in the midst of a genocide.
I’m grateful for everyone who has joined our movement but you need to know that mainstream society is never going to let you rejoin them. So you may as well stand and fight instead of taking a dive anytime Pharma gives you the opportunity to distance yourself from those damn dirty anti-vaxxers.

Toby Rodgers

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