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Attack On Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 by Mark R. Elsis

I compiled this for my interview with Deanna Spingola on December 11, 2015.
Dozens of sources are at the end, including my interview with Deanna Spingloa.
I have two personal stories concerning Pearl Harbor that I would like to share:
During my honeymoon, I visited Pearl Harbor on Sunday morning August 8, 1993. I’ll never forget when at the USS Arizona Memorial I looked over the railing down into the water and while saying a prayer, I saw what looked like oil coming to the surface. I stayed there looking down and sure enough again oil had come to the surface. I kept watching and every 30 seconds or so another little bit of oil would surface. I was amazed that almost 52 years later oil would still be seeping out of the USS Arizona.
When I lived on Siesta Key, Florida (1997 – 2008), I had a wonderful conversation with an old navy man, Captain Ralph Emerson Styles, a graduate of the US Naval Academy in 1933. I had heard about him and that he did a sunset flag ceremony every evening from his home that was literally right across from beautiful Siesta Beach, at 99 Beach Road. He told me that he was in the attack at Pearl Harbor assigned to the submarine USS Narwhal, and that he was one of the gunners in action to assist in the destruction of two Japanese torpedo planes.

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