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Vaccines: The Suppression Of The Truth by Dr. Vernon Colman

I haven’t been invited (or allowed) to discuss vaccination on the radio or television for many years. This is largely because the medical establishment (having lost a long series of debates) will no longer agree to debate any medical topic with me or, indeed, to appear on any programme which has invited me to be a participant. For decades now I have been regularly lied about by people who have been frustrated by their inability to find errors in the claims I’ve made on a variety of health topics – including vaccination.
An awful lot of outrageous untruths have been told about me by various representatives of the medical establishment and the media and by individuals who are either drug company shills or who are determined to believe that vaccines are safe and effective, whatever the evidence might show.
Twelve years ago I was, to my immense surprise, invited to discuss vaccination on a late evening programme on Radio City, an independent station in Liverpool. A local doctor was invited to debate with me. The result was extraordinary.
For quite a while the doctor refused to admit that doctors make any money out of giving vaccines. Until I pressed him directly he indignantly denied that doctors have a financial interest in promoting vaccination. Only when I pointed out that GPs receive fees and bonuses for vaccinating their patients did he, rather reluctantly, agree that I was right. The doctor’s main defence seemed to me to be that because the Government and other doctors agreed with his views on vaccination (which were, naturally, diametrically opposed to mine) then he must be right and I must be wrong. I have never found this a very convincing argument and nor, I felt, did the listeners. The presenter wanted to know why the facts I was giving had never been aired before.

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One Reply to “Vaccines: The Suppression Of The Truth by Dr. Vernon Colman

  1. Everyone knows they get kick backs Hello when the fentanyl fiesta was Mardi grai ing in msm medical centres the docs were getting great cash incentives and every pharmacist who scored an overdose to death or a addict got 1500 bucks cash bonus .

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