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‘If We Don’t End The War, War Will End Us’ by Alastair Crooke

Europe now is stuck ‘up to the gills’ with wide-ranging economic sanctions on Russia, and unable to confront the consequences. Emmanuel Macron irritated many people (just as Kissinger did at the WEF), when he said, ‘we should not humiliate Vladimir Putin’, because there must be a negotiated settlement. This has been French policy from early in this saga. More importantly, it is the Franco-German policy, and therefore it may end as the EU’s policy as well. The qualification ‘may’ is important – as on Ukraine policy, the EU is more rancorously divided than during the Iraq War. And in a system (the EU system) that structurally insists on consensus (however much it is a confected one), when the wounds go deep, the consequence is that one issue can gridlock the whole system (as occurred in the lead-up to the Iraq war). If anything, the fractures in Europe today are wider and more acrimonious (i.e. acerbated by Rule of Law enforcements).
Whilst the tag ‘realist’ has acquired (in present circumstances) the connotation of ‘appeasement’, what Macron simply is saying is that the West cannot, and will not, maintain its current level of support for Ukraine indefinitely. Politics is intruding in all European states. In Germany, in France and in Italy too, there is a body of opinion against continued engagement in the conflict. Simply, the coming economic train crash is becoming all too apparent and threatening. Boris Johnson’s rough ride in the recent confidence vote in the 1922 Committee may not have been explicitly linked to Ukraine, but the underlying indictments of Johnson’s Net Zero policies (viewed by Conservative voters as stealth-socialism), immigration and rising living costs, nonetheless certainly were.
by Alastair Crooke

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3 Replies to “‘If We Don’t End The War, War Will End Us’ by Alastair Crooke

  1. Yeah sure The world is dividing geo politically in a way which will facilitate a d enable the most destructive war ever seen on this planet. Macrons a moron A useless bottom feeding “atheist lap dog.
    The war happen because,lpeople are stupid And journalists are people.

  2. “This country is more of something resembling an American monarchy than most people have given thought to … George Herbert Walker Bush has three lines that go back to King Edward I of England. He also is descended from King Henry I and King Henry II, both of England, and William I and Robert II, both of Scotland. Bush has common ancestors with 15 American presidents: Washington, Fillmore, Pierce, Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Cleveland, both Roosevelts, Taft, Coolidge, Hoover, Nixon and Ford.”

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    That is Generational Witchcraft, and it is propagated through secret societies like the Order of the Garter and Skull & Bones, to mention just two.

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