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Update On Satellites, Birds And Bones by Arthur Firstenberg

The irradiation of Heaven and Earth continues to accelerate, as SpaceX marches ever more quickly toward a constellation of 42,000 satellites. It launched 53 satellites on May 13; 53 more on May 14; and 53 more on May 18. And it has reached agreement with UK-based OneWeb, which plans its own fleet of 7,088 satellites, on how to share the skies. OneWeb will sell its services to telecommunications providers, governments, airlines, and ships, while SpaceX will sell to individuals.
OneWeb, which was launching its satellites from the Russian-operated Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, has been forced to temporarily halt its launches because of the war in Ukraine. But it is expected to resume launching satellites shortly. As part of its agreement with SpaceX, OneWeb’s satellites will be launched from the United States on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets going forward.
Honey bees, birds, whales and trees the world round, their future in peril, are depending on the human race to wind down, and get rid of, their satellites, their antennas, and the devices that are creating the demand: their mobile phones. And people from many countries are beginning to organize together to spread that message widely. Stay tuned.

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