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First Ever Double-Blind Randomised Trial Of Vitamin D For The Prevention Of Covid Infections by HART

The new paper outlines a study conducted in healthcare workers in Mexico. They randomly allocated subjects (who were only eligible if they had not had covid)) to receive either 4000 IU of Vit D or placebo. The data from 94 Vit D recipients and 98 who received placebo, were included in the per-protocol analysis. The double-blind study was conducted in late 2020, thus removing vaccination as a possible confounding factor. Covid infection was confirmed by the presence of a positive PCR test following swab testing performed at several time points during the follow-up period, or by positive antibody testing at day 45.
The results are quite extraordinary, demonstrating a highly statistically-significant 78% reduction in becoming infected if a member of the Vit D prophylaxis group; 6 out of 94 Vit D recipients caught Covid, compared to 24 out of 98 on placebo. Notwithstanding that the trial was conducted during a period of high prevalence, the rate of infection in the placebo groups seems high, although the trial was of healthcare workers, and nothing suggests the comparison between the 2 groups is invalidated by the apparent high rate of infection. One particularly notable observation from the data is that the effect was seen regardless of whether the baseline Vit D levels indicated deficiency or not, possibly indicating that the optimal minimum for Vit D levels might be higher than currently thought.

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One Reply to “First Ever Double-Blind Randomised Trial Of Vitamin D For The Prevention Of Covid Infections by HART

  1. What’s the minimum then? And going out in the sun is the way you naturally have your body set the baseline which it regulates in a way no science can copy. . So any GENUINE health department would legislate that everyone has the opportunity to get exposure to the sun at those times when the uv is safest. That would be standard social policy because sunlight treats most diseases Sunlight and exercise being heat and light which the filthy lying money hungry profiteering freaks all know m

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