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Russia Warns Israel Of ‘Retaliatory Measures’ If Military Aid To Ukraine Is Confirmed by News Desk

Last month, the Ukrainian ambassador to Israel confirmed a number of Israeli mercenaries had travelled to Ukraine to fight against the Russian army.
Russian ambassador to Israel, Anatoly Viktorov, said on 21 April that his country would consider retaliatory measures against Tel Aviv if reports of Israeli military aid to Ukraine are confirmed. “We are carefully checking this information and will respond accordingly if it is confirmed,” Viktorov said during a televised interview.
“Until yesterday there was no information about the supply or expected delivery of Israeli weapons to the combat zone. As far as I am concerned, repeated appeals were made to the Israeli authorities to supply equipment such as bulletproof vests and helmets,” the Russian diplomat said. He added that Moscow was still unsure about the matter, and would reflect further on the issue to verify it and take retaliatory measures. Ukraine has been receiving arms and equipment from all over the world, its most notable suppliers being the US, the UK and other NATO countries.

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