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Be Prepared For A Smear Campaign Against Le Pen Whose Ideas Threaten The EU As We Know It by Martin Jay

Le Pen’s politics are clever, relevant and well-timed. And like Macron, she also wants France to run the EU. What could possibly go wrong?
Marine Le Pen is probably going to destroy the European Union if she wins the second Presidential round of voting, yet ironically, it is the EU which has created her and put her on the peddle stool where she is today. Failed EU policies which have stifled the French economy and indirectly imposed hardship on millions of people in the Republic coupled with no real effective immigration policy which stops immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East have irritated French people so much that they are moving away from the establishment and looking at voting in the far right leader as a protest vote – a radical move to reboot France as a more dynamic country which protects its markets against foreign goods and protects jobs against immigrants’ entry into the job market. In so many ways, it is Brexit Britain which Emmanuel Macron loathes so much which is providing the vision for a new France, which unlike the UK, would stay in the EU under Le Pen.

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