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trading liberty for safety by el gato malo

the domestication of man to the yoke of legal plunder
the gravest danger of trading liberty for safety is not that you will get neither. you will forget what freedom is and become unable to even imagine self sufficiency instead of permission. endless parades of hobgoblins and night terrors will be enacted for your consumption to separate you from your wits and your agency alike as they mesmerize you into the desolate comfort of dependence until one day you can conceptualize nothing else.
and worst of all is that one that on that day, you’ll feel genuine gratitude to the people who did this to you, who took your self-determination and independence and swapped it for a life in fear of them that you have been conditioned to mistake for indulgence.
(if you doubt me, look around and watch people get excited by their tax refunds as though they are being given something as opposed to merely having a mandatory interest free loan they were forced to make to the state paid back with their own money, now worth less than when it was lent.)

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