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And What About Those Biolabs? by Philip Giraldi

Stop the narrative I want to get off!
The semi-official United States government plus media lie machine knows that constructing a plausible reason to bomb the crap out of someone all depends on where you begin your narrative. If you keep starting your accusations at a point where the target has done something bad, all you have to do is repeat yourself over and over again to drown out any alternative backstory that surfaces. And if you really want to demolish all contrary views, all you have to do is liken the targeted foreign leader to Adolph Hitler and keep repeating. That tactic was used with Saddam Hussein of Iraq and is now being employed against Vladimir Putin of Russia and it always works.

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One Reply to “And What About Those Biolabs? by Philip Giraldi

  1. Problem with that narrative working again is Hitler is the world’s most popular politician ever today and Putin is right behind him. People have learned since the idiots gave us the internet and had no idea how we’d use it.
    The Ukraine incident played out exactly as WW2 Poland Germany except Putin was ready for the propaganda and easily won that war as well. Only sheep(roughly 30% of pop) support Ukraine because they are blind to everything through outsourcing their thinking to the TV talking heads, “experts”, celebrities and politicians. Far more don’t buy the narrative pushed by the clowns in the EU or US.

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