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The New World Order That Is Being Prepared Under The Pretext Of War In Ukraine by Thierry Meyssan

The conflict in Ukraine was not opened by Russia on February 24, but by Ukraine a week before. The OSCE is a witness to this. This peripheral conflict had been planned by Washington to impose a New World Order from which Russia, then China, were to be excluded. Don’t be fooled!
President Zelensky declared war on Russia by ordering the Banderist troops incorporated into his army to attack Russian citizens in the Donbass from February 17. Then he waved the red rag in front of the political leaders of NATO member countries and declared that he was going to acquire the atomic bomb in violation of international treaties.
Russia’s military operations in Ukraine have been going on for more than a month and Nato’s propaganda operations for a month and a half.
As always, the war propaganda of the Anglo-Saxons is coordinated from London. Since the First World War, the British have acquired an unparalleled know-how. In 1914, they had managed to convince their own population that the German army had carried out mass rapes in Belgium and that it was the duty of every Briton to come to the rescue of these poor women. It was a cleaner version of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s attempt to compete with the British colonial empire. At the end of the conflict, the British population demanded that the victims be compensated. A census was taken and it was found that the facts had been extraordinarily exaggerated.

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