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the goldilocks zone of societal participation lies in knowing what you don’t know by el gato malo

how to win personal agency and influence civilization
“entranced by their need to know WHAT to think, their inability to know HOW to think left them vulnerable to domination by demagogues and the dissolution of a free society and so, born citizens, they died subjects.” ~ the epitaph you do not want the hallmark of the modern age is a firehose of information and emotion that both invites and demands that you have an opinion on everything. every issue is someone’s hobbyhorse or hot button and in the attention economy, the issue du jour rapidly crowds out all others. more and more, the desire to remain relevant in a world of ever shifting obsession creates a drive toward a presumption that we not only need to have an opinion, but worse, that we possess a basis for one. at a stroke this both demands and serves as enabler for a captured class with strident views and low information.

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