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Russian Judo Tears The West Apart by Pepe Escobar

Washington’s sanctions on Moscow will destroy Europe, not Russia.
The battlefield is drawn. The official Russian blacklist of hostile sanctioning nations includes the US, the EU, Canada and, in Asia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore (the only one from Southeast Asia). The Global South should be aware there are no nations from West Asia, Latin America and Africa. Moscow has not even announced a package of what could be defined as “counter-sanctions from hell”. Yet a decree on “foreign exchange obligations to foreign creditors” which allows Russian companies to settle their debts in rubles is already an eye-opener. Economist Yevgeny Yushchuk defined it as a “nuclear retaliatory landmine”.
The end result will be the US eating European savings for lunch while China expands its middle class to over 500 million people. Russia will do just fine, as Glazyev outlines: sovereign – and self-sufficient. Michael Hudson has concisely sketched the lineaments of imperial self-implosion. Yet way more dramatic, as a strategic disaster, is how the deaf, dumb and blind parade towards deep recession mixed with near-hyperinflation will rip what’s left of the West’s social cohesion apart.

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