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Dr. Stefan Lanka: “All Claims About Viruses As Pathogens Are False” by GreatReject

My thesis is not complex: all claims about viruses as pathogens are false and are based on easily recognized, understandable, and verifiably false interpretations. The true causes of the diseases and phenomena attributed to viruses now have a different explanation, and note one that is much clearer than the current pseudo-explanations. This is because while scientists in laboratories think they are working with viruses, in fact they are only working with certain components of dying tissues or cells acquired under very special circumstances. Their basic belief is that these tissues and cells die because they are infected with a virus.
In reality, these laboratory tissues and cells die because they are starved and poisoned as a result of the methodology of testing per se. Virologists mainly believe in the existence of viruses because they administer to the tissues and cells supposedly “infected” blood, saliva, or other presumably “infected” body fluids, and this, it must be emphasized, then on top of the cessation of nutrient solution and after the initiation of poisoning by toxic antibiotics. The great insight, however, is that the tissue and those cells would also die, and do so completely on their own – even without the addition of the supposedly ‘infected’ materials.

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