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Reality Check: A “No-Fly Zone” Over Ukraine Means War by OffG

Western pundits and journalists are all in a flutter over Ukraine. They think it’s terribly exciting, and want to be seen to be tough and decisive. Their internal monologues probably feature the word “Churchillian” quite a lot. Naturally, that means a lot of them are saying some really stupid things. This includes widespread calls for a NATO-imposed “No-Fly Zone” over Ukrainian airspace. This proposal is all over the media, even coming out of the porcine mouth of Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the UK’s Labour party: Labour will speak to the Government over no-fly zone, Keir Starmer.
A no-fly zone is not a magic dome of cosy protection put in place with a snap of the fingers and enforced without a shot being fired. A no-fly zone is a declaration of war. It does NOT save lives. That’s a lie to trick stupid people into calling for escalation. A no-fly zone will require NATO to shoot down any Russian aircraft that enter the airspace. It will lead to inevitable retaliation from the Russians who will shoot down NATO aircraft & attack NATO anti-aircraft batteries. Thousands more will die immediately. And since Russia already has its nuclear weapons on high alert any imposition of a no-fly zone Ukraine has a very high chance of immediate escalation to nuclear war.

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