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The Unseen Environmental Crises Destroying Humanity by Kit Knightly

In part 1 of this series, we looked at a recent Rockefeller policy document calling for transformative change in food production and how that ties in with the new food agenda. In part 2, we examined the shady history of modern agribusiness and some of the wealthy elites and institutions promoting genetically modified crops and dangerous gene drive technologies. In part 3, we will examine the real environmental crises affecting humanity every day yet ignored by many so-called activists and “philanthropists”. Starting with… NUTRIENT-DEPLETED FOOD: For decades, esteemed scientists and thinkers have warned us about the impact of poor nutrition on health. Among them are Sir Robert McCarrison, Dr Lawrence Plaskett, Weston Price and two-time Nobel prize winner, Dr Linus Pauling. Over the years, their warnings have either been ignored, subverted or discredited. One need only glance at the mainstream media to find claims along the lines of “vitamin supplements are nothing but expensive urine”.

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