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My Trial Will Expose Violent J-6 Police And The Murder Of Roseann Boyland by Jonathan Gennaro Mellis, Prisoner #376907

Please Help DC Gitmo Prisoner Hold Violent Police Officer Lila Morris Accountable For Allegedly Killing Trump Supporter!
Jonathan Mellis, 35 years old and already an old timer at DC Gitmo, has emerged as an activist from within its walls. Mellis has assisted The Gateway Pundit in obtaining letters from all of his fellow J6 detainees as we continue to expose the truth about the political persecution of January 6th. “We have to get their stories out. They are good men and need help,” said Mellis. “It breaks my heart to see them suffering and losing hope. It’s been over a year since January 6th and still no trials. Sometimes we feel like we will die in here.” Mellis’ case is of special interest to the public because his trial can finally expose the truth to the world about how Trump Supporter Roseann Boyland really died and the violence of Capitol and DC Metro Police that day. According to the Defendant’s “Motion for Reconsideration of Pretrial Detention”, his actions were in response to witnessing the “plight of Roseann Boyland”. On a side note, Mellis was also seen protecting Officer Michael Fanone, who has since retired from the police force to join another government agency called CNN. “Fanone is a liar,” said Mellis. “There is video in discovery regarding Fanone that the world need to see that proves he is a bad man. My trial can show that.”

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