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Ethnic German Genocide: Neutral Sources Document Why Germany Invaded Poland by John Wear

Most historians state that Germany’s invasion of Poland was an unprovoked act of aggression designed to open up Lebensraum and take control of Europe. According to conventional historians, Hitler hated the Poles and wanted to destroy them as his first step on the road to world conquest.[1] British historian Andrew Roberts, for example, writes: “The Polish Corridor, which had been intended by the framers of the Versailles Treaty of 1919 to cut off East Prussia from the rest of Germany, had long been presented as a casus belli by the Nazis, as had the ethnically German Baltic port of Danzig, but as Hitler had told a conference of generals in May 1939, ‘Danzig is not the real issue; the real point is for us to open up our Lebensraum to the east and ensure our supplies of foodstuffs.’ ”[2] British historian Richard J. Evans writes: “In 1934, when Hitler had concluded a 10-year non-aggression pact with the Poles, it had seemed possible that Poland might become a satellite state in a future European order dominated by Germany. But by 1939 it had become a serious obstacle to the eastward expansion of the Third Reich. It therefore had to be wiped from the map, and ruthlessly exploited to finance preparations for the coming war in the west.”[3] This article uses non-German sources to document that, contrary to what most historians claim, Germany’s invasion of Poland was provoked by the Polish government’s acts of violence against its ethnic German minority.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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