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Blond Hair, Blue Eyes by Dr. Thomas Dalton

Some Thoughts on the Aryan Ideal. What is beauty? Specifically, what is it to be a beautiful person? This has long been considered one of those imponderable questions, akin to asking about the meaning of life. But this does not mean that we cannot have a valuable and substantive discussion. Beauty, of course, is partly subjective, but it is also partly universal. There are good reasons, biological reasons, for this. Hence we can make a meaningful inquiry into the matter. This, despite the fact that discussing beauty in the context of the White race is politically incorrect in the extreme. Western political elites are currently doing all they can to push the supposed virtues of dark-skin aesthetics, and to offset or displace any visible presence of White beauty. Despite this, they will fail—for good biological reasons. When we observe peoples all around the world, we find at least one thing in common: people everywhere value lightness. People want light-skinned partners, light-skinned children, and they do everything possible to lighten their own skin. Skin-whitening is big business globally, growing from around $8 billion to nearly $12 billion within the next few years. (I set aside for the moment the desire of Whites for a tanned-body look; this is a special case that I will examine later.) Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians all seek light skin, either of their own races or of the truly White-skinned north Europeans. Along with this come ancillary values: blond hair and blue eyes. People of dark-skinned races frequently dye or lighten their hair, wear blond wigs or hairpieces, and otherwise employ various tactics to appear light-haired or blondish. Blond hair is indeed rare; only around 5% of White adults are naturally blond. And yet, some 60% to 70% of White women dye their hair blond at some point.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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