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Controlled Demolition: The Maxwell Trial Carlyle Group Juror by Johan Palmstruch

When Judge Nathan informed the court of the jury’s verdict; apparent was a small sliver of hope that justice for multiple victims of Epstein and Maxwell’s child sex trafficking operation would be secured. These witnesses had weathered blatant verbal abuse from the defense and intense scrutiny alongside the court’s failure to protect their identities during such a pursuit of justice. Now, due to further failures in jury vetting, that prospect of justice is in serious jeopardy. On December 29th, 2021, a juror who served in the Maxwell Trial disclosed to several journalists that he was a victim of sex abuse, and that his story specifically helped sway other members of the jury who questioned the credibility of Maxwell’s accusers. This juror has made himself known to the public as an employee of The Carlyle Group. The jurors’ actions are apparently suspect when further analyzing existing relationships between Maxwell, Epstein and David Rubenstein, Co-founder of the Carlyle Group.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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