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January 23, 2022 Is Free Speech Day For Doctors And Other Healthcare Providers by Steve Kirsch

On January 23, 2022, over 10,000 healthcare providers will, for the first time, speak freely about the COVID vaccines. SIMULTANEOUSLY. Mass formation can continue only so long as the authorities can censor the truth tellers. What has allowed this nonsense to continue for so long is three-fold: Trust in authority. People trust their doctors. Restricting the free speech of medical authorities. The 30% of doctors who have “broken the code” and realize the COVID interventions have been counter-productive have been afraid to speak out because EVERY SINGLE medical board in the country has notified doctors that if they speak out against the CDC narrative, they will have their license to practice medicine revoked. Truth and patient safety are not the criteria. It matters not that you’ve saved lives. The criteria is only whether you agree with the CDC or not. If you don’t, your career is toast. So few people are willing to speak out. Marginalizing and censoring those who speak the truth. Truth tellers such as Robert Malone have been banned from LinkedIn and Twitter. Others such as Robert F. Kennedy, are the subject of vicious and unfair ad hominem attacks such as this one from Jake Tapper. This creates a cycle where the public believes the narrative because all doctors support the narrative and no one in the mainstream media is challenging the narrative. Others are written off as spreaders of misinformation. Few doctors are willing to speak out on their own because they would be shouted down and their license revoked.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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