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Historian Says, “U.S. Betrays Its Heritage By Threatening War Against Russia And China” by Mattehret

Historian Anton Chaitkin has issued an emergency alert on the danger of world war from America’s current hyper-aggressive stance towards Russia and China. The warning is addressed “to those who know real history,” Chaitkin says. “Those who cherish our country’s precious legacy are horrified by our headlong rush to war. America at its best was the very motor of world progress, higher living standards and peace. “That is our true national identity. We betray that legacy with military threats against those who are advancing as world powers, as we once did. We would `contain’ them with aggressive lying about their intentions, and by dishonoring agreements that would keep the world safe from nuclear annihilation.” Anton Chaitkin is the author of Who We Are: America’s Fight for Universal Progress, from Franklin to Kennedy, the fruit of archival studies over 40 years. He shows how the USA was industrialized through the national policies and projects of progressive patriots in successive generations; how they won out against Southern slaveowners and British imperialists who sought to block American progress; and how the U.S. boosted other nations to technological prowess, overcoming imperial sabotage

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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