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Best Of Last Year: The Top Articles Of 2021 by Bob Yirka

2021 was a good year for research of all kinds. The strongest coronal mass ejection in years made headlines this past May, prompting experts around the world to urge world leaders to take it as a warning. Future storms, many noted, could wreak havoc on electrical grids, satellites and the internet. The time to act is now, they strongly suggested. Back in 2017, a strange, elongated object entered the solar system. It was subsequently named “Oumuamua” and the event set off a debate among members of both the science community and the public at large regarding its origins and makeup. Some suggested it was the remains of an object colliding with a comet; noted astronomer Avi Loeb, however, made the controversial suggestion early this year that it might be an alien space probe or vessel sent to study our solar system. More recently, Steven Desch and Alan Jackson, astrophysicists at Arizona State University, announced that they had located the origin of Oumuamua, refuting the idea of its alien origin. They believe it’s a remnant of an ice chunk broken from a Pluto-like planet from another stellar system a half-billion years ago.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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