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Supreme Court Lets Texas Abortion Ban Keep Saving Babies, Dismisses Joe Biden’s Lawsuit Against It by Steven Ertelt

In a victory for the Texas abortion ban today, the Supreme Court has allowed the pro-life law to continue saving babies from abortion and it dismissed Joe Biden’s lawsuit against it. The high court ruled that the Texas abortion businesses challenging the law can continue with their lawsuit, but the good news is the Texas abortion ban remains on the books and will continue protecting babies from abortion whose hearts have begun beating. The Supreme Court voted 8-1, with Justice Clarence Thomas dissenting, to allow the Texas abortion companies’ lawsuit to continue and the court voted 8-1, with Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissenting, to dismiss the Biden lawsuit against the ban. The Biden administration claimed it had the right to enforce the so-called “right” to abortion, but the Supreme Court disagreed.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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