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Disturbing Details About Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting – The Vaccine Wars Part II by Mathew Crawford

Those who say there isn’t much to be gained from examining the reports in the VAERS system are dead wrong. And frankly, there should be more neutral eyeballs on the issues I’m about to discuss. I spent an hour-and-a-half on the phone with Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Database (VAERS) researcher Albert Benavides today. Understand that though I communicate frequently with Jessica Rose (my adopted spirit sister) and Steve Kirsch, I have not myself jumped into the VAERS reporting statistics beyond the superficial. I think that my own time is better spent elsewhere, but am building an understanding of both VAERS and also other databases for vaccine adverse events, and keeping some tabs on the controversies surrounding what seems like a charade of pharmacovigilance (here, here, here). After today, however, I have a new respect (and fear) for the illusion that is VAERS.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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