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High-Altitude Wind Power Reaches New Milestone by CORDIS

As part of the EU-funded REACH project, Dutch start-up Kitepower has successfully deployed its Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) in the Caribbean. This is a landmark achievement for the company working to bring its Falcon 100kW to market. It will provide plentiful, inexpensive renewable energy to remote communities and small power grids. The AWES Falcon 100kW is a system consisting of a ground station, tether, control unit and kite. Its purpose is to take advantage of stronger winds at altitude to produce power. The kite generates kinetic energy as it flies—being reeled in and out—and the ground station converts the kinetic energy into electricity. The solution is ideal for remote communities because it is easy to install, portable and uses materials cost-effectively. The AWES is especially effective in locations with constant prevailing winds. The milestone flight by the AWES took place above the Caribbean island of Aruba as part of the Caribbean Engineer 2021 military exercise, in close collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Defense. The flight marks a critical point in the system’s development as it is being brought closer to commercial release. The AWES demonstrated its feasibility in an environment ideal for the system, due to its ease of shipping and deployment in challenging terrain.

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