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How Field Marshal Erwin Rommel Really Died by Michael Walsh

The victors’ story of German General Erwin Rommel’s death was a fabricated one constructed by the Allies at the end of the war. Rommel was arguably Germany’s best general of World War II, as well as a famously humane and kind man, and a devout Christian, thus the need to fabricate the circumstances of what happened to him. In fact, the Field-Marshal died as a result of major injuries from an Allied assassination attempt, not due to his being made to commit suicide by Adolf Hitler. General Rommel passed away on the 14th October 1944 from a heart attack brought on by three skull fractures suffered when a Canadian Spitfire strafed his car off the road three months earlier. He made no apologies for his service to the Reich: “I served my Fatherland to the best of my ability and would do so again.”

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