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January 19, 2023

The US Dollar, I believe, will collapse before the US presidential elections in November 2024. I also believe Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) will fail for all Western countries.

The next big geopolitical move will be the unwinding of the absolute disaster of the NATO project in the Ukraine. There were 40,000 NATO soldiers in the Ukraine. Many have died and many more will die after the Big Russian Push, from Belarus, from Russia and from the Donbass. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense admitted that 23,000 of their soldiers died in the past 2 months at Bakhmut-Soledar. Those surviving NATO soldiers will be captured and repatriated. When they get home, they will tell a different story than the lies the Corporate media told their friends and relatives.

The collapse of the Ukraine is important because as Ron Paul told us “The US went off the gold standard and went on the US Military standard.” The Ukraine project’s failure will tell the world they have nothing to fear if the US says we will bomb your country if you do not sell your oil or your food for soon to be worthless American Treasury bonds. The Saudis were at the recent Davos meeting touting the Petroyuan which will replace Henry Kissinger’s Petrodollar. The loss of the ability to print US Dollars and have people overseas accept them as gold will over night permanently cut US wages and pensions 60%.

An American on the frontlines in the Donbass said his Ukrainian captain and general stole their heavy weapons and sold them so the soldiers under their command were ill prepared to combat the Russians.

Valery Zaluzhny, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, asked President Zelensky for permission to withdraw from Bakhmut and other untenable positions further north. Zelensky said No. He has a NATO meeting on the 20th where he will beg for more money and does want any more losses before then. Maybe he will let them withdraw after that date. The problem is that the Russians will soon have Bakhmut surrounded on 3 sides by heavy artillery.

For the past week Russia has used their artillery to target 4 mechanized brigades in the northern Donbass. The Ukrainians sent a brigade of lightly armed territorial soldiers to the front. It seems their only function is to draw artillery fire away from mechanized units.

Zelensky has lost any credibility he ever had with Ukrainian soldiers. He and his friends in Kiev are piling up cash in offshore accounts. Even local commanders are getting in on the NATO graft by selling off weapons, food, diesel and medical supplies.

An American doctor from New York wanted to train Ukrainian soldiers to perform simple life saving medical procedures. She had intended to give every soldier a basic military field medical kit. They were stolen from customs in Kiev. It is much worse as you get further down the Ukrainian chain of command.

The ground in the Ukraine will be frozen on January 20th. It takes 2 weeks of frozen ground to produce excellent tank weather. By that time, the Donbass frontline should be near collapse. Gerasimov, the new Russian commander is a tank man. I believe one column from Belarus will move towards Kiev to pin down Ukrainian forces and to cut off supplies from Poland. A second unit from Russia will bypass Kharhov and go on both dies of Kramatorsk and the supply centers below it. A strong force will come from the Donbass headed for Pokrovsk the most southern supply center for the Ukrainian army in the field.

Without diesel, ammunition and food the Ukrainian army and their helpers from NATO will have to surrender. The final phase will be the capture of Odessa and the termination of the Zelensky regime. There are thousands of angry Ukrainian veterans who want him dead. The bottom line is that what is left of the Ukraine will be neutral and no NATO missiles will ever threaten Russia with a first strike.

Someone needs to tell NATO countries of the unbelievable corruption in the Pentagon. The US Senate and House allowed $30 trillion to be stolen from the Department of Defense since the Clinton years which is why American weapons are so inferior to Russia’s.

The Russians are replacing their Mach 3 cruise missiles with the Mach 9 Zircon. The US Navy still has subsonic cruise missiles.

The Russians are replacing the Iskander missile with the Mach 12 Kinzhal which digs a 98 foot (30 meter) deep hole where the target used to be. The US does not even have a missile equivalent to the Russian export version of the Iskander.

The Russians have sold the Kinzhal to the Iranians. They also sold them 24 SU-35 fighter jets. And are said to be upgrading the Iranians to the S-400. The Russians realized the need for drones so they jointly built a drone factory in Russia with the Iranians.

After the Ukraine disaster unfolds on TV, the world will take note that the US Military Standard is null and void. The US cannot threaten to bomb Qatar and Saudi Arabia if they do not sell their oil for worthless American bonds.

In fact people all over the world will realize, there is no reason to lose purchasing power by holding US bonds. They will sell them and likely buy commodities from food and oil to precious metals like gold and silver. Any spike in commodity prices will stampede investors to the exits.

The US military will rebel rather than invade the Ukraine together with a few hundred thousand Polish soldiers. Professional soldiers know that the US cannot do anything but die in a direct confrontation with the Russians.

Food prices will spike much higher. The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank will attempt to issue CBDCs with the promise that they could ration food and make it affordable. Both promises are lies.

The CBDC will not need banks to issue a currency. You will get a card. If you are a good citizen who shuts up and believes government lies, your digital passport will allow you to buy food and to buy gas so you can travel. However, there are two flies in the ointment.

Increasing the money supply by 20% might increase prices by 40%. Why? Because there is something called Velocity which is how often money changes hands in a year. If consumers see both a sudden spike in prices and and a sudden infusion of a trillion dollars in digital cash, they might decide to get rid of cash and buy food, commodities and precious metals.

The other problem is exemplified by Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands. He is a longtime member of the Bilderberg Society which was founded by David Rockefeller and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. He has decided to follow the dictates of the World Economic Forum at Davos. That is why he is closing down Dutch farms because they use too much nitrogen.

If you were a Dutch farmer would you sell your produce to Mark Rutte in exchange for a European CBDC? On the following day, he could restrict your freedom of travel and cut your wealth in half by doubling the money supply.

The CBDC will fail in the West because nobody will trust their new digital currencies to store value after the old ones were killed by Hyperinflation.

The Russians and the Iranians have said they want to issue a cryptocurrency backed by gold to facilitate international trade. The US, the UK and Europe cannot do that because they gave no gold.

I should repeat what I have said before about Russia and China offering debt cancellation to the Global South. Sergey Glazyev, the Minister for Macroeconomics and Integration for the Eurasian Union wants BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) to let anyone in the Global South to trade in their basket of currencies provided they refuse to repay any loans denominated in dollars, pounds. euros and yen.

The world is getting a good look at what the Davos crowd is offering.They have already had a conference which featured a new bioweapon based on polio that kills 85% of its victims. Davos also holds annual conferences on cyber security reminding everyone that the NSA (National Security Agency) could shut down our banks and empty our accounts.

Nobody will either trust or believe the central banks and their CBDCs. Without trust modern bureaucracies cannot function. They will need a cop to follow you all day long to make you comply. Besides, America has a federal system of government. They won’t be able to get American farmers to sell their crops for digital cash if Republican governors tell the federal government to jump in the lake.

Source with many links: https://vidrebel.wordpress.com/2023/01/19/why-western-cbdcs-will-fail

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