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Adolf Hitler And Marshal Mannerheim Recording June 4, 1942 (11:22)

Recording, with English text translation, of Hitler speaking during a luncheon with Finnish leaders explaining his decision to attack the USSR. This is the only recording of the German leader talking at length in his normal, conversational voice. Hitler visited Finland on June 4, 1942, to meet with that country’s military commander, Marshal Mannerheim, President Ryti, and Prime Minister Rangell. (Finland and Germany were World War II allies against the Soviet Union.) An engineer of the Finnish broadcasting company YLE had placed a microphone near where the men shared a meal in a railroad dining car, and thereby recorded a portion of their lengthy conversation. This is the only known recording of Hitler speaking in his “normal,” conversational voice. Here’s a portion, along with an English translation. Hitler talks about his fateful decision to strike against the USSR.

Hitler’s Peace Plans (95 Pages)
Edited and Written by Mark R. Elsis

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