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Chinese PV Giant Breaks World Record For Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency by Global Times

China has achieved a new world efficiency record at 26.81 percent for silicon solar cells, according to the certification report of Institut für Solarenergieforschung in Hameln, Chinese solar giant LONGi Green Energy Technology Co said on Saturday. The conversion efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) cells refers to the ability of cells to convert solar power into electric energy. The more electricity cells can generate from the same area while absorbing the same amount of light, the better.
In the face of soaring silicon material prices and rising industrial chain costs, experts believe that improving battery efficiency is crucial for cost reduction. “This is the first time in the history of the PV industry that a Chinese solar technology company has set the world record for silicon solar cell efficiency,” Martin Green, a professor at the University of New South Wales in Australia, who is known as the “Father of PVs,” said on Saturday, according to an announcement sent to the Global Times.

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