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Mark Middleton, Meet Daniel Best by David Martin

I posted the first version of what would expand into the Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression on March 7, 1998. There were 13 originally, expanding in stages to 17 by the end of 1999, where it has stayed. No changes were made in the original entries.
The choice of “Dummy up” for the first technique is looking better with every year that passes, despite what would appear to be much greater difficulty than before in keeping a lid on important information, what with the numerous ways that one can be informed these days. It’s beginning to look as though, similar to George Orwell’s 1984, what I wrote as a description is being taken more and more as a prescription.
Take my two title characters, for instance. I must admit that until just few days ago I had never heard of the first one until one of my numerous email correspondents—an exceptionally tuned-in group—asked me what I knew about his odd death. He asked me if I thought it might be “just another Vince Foster.” But even he called the guy “Mike” Middleton. With a quick Internet search, I was able to get the name right and to learn what little that has been released about the man’s very odd demise at the age of 59. There’s already a good summary of it on the Clinton Body Count Wikipedia page, and I must say it reads like something the satirists at the Babylon Bee might dream up:

David “DC Dave” Martin Archive

Report: Woman Found Dead In Arkansas River Connected To Clinton Advisor Who “Killed Himself”
Now, the strange part is that Radar Online is reporting something completely different about Ashley’s death. They say Ashley Haynes was found with an electrical cord around her ankle attached to a concrete block. They’re also reporting that Mark Middleton’s body was found with the “same” electrical cord, and a shotgun blast through the chest. I am going to screenshot the Radar article and post it here in case they change or delete it. They’re also reporting that Ashley was in Mark Middleton’s office just before she died. A business associate of Mark’s says he saw her.
by Sophie O’Hara

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