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A Rediscovered Unit Of Length And Implications For The Neolithic by Dr. T. Gough and Peter Harris (Text and Video)

Following work which began in the 1970s and spanned nearly 40 years, Peter Harris and Norman Stockdale identified a “new” unit of length in 2015. They called it the Harris and Stockdale Megalithic Foot, or the HSMF for short, to distinguish it from other similar lengths. It is 14.142 inches (35.92 cm) or 1.1785 feet (35.92 cm), the length of the diagonal of a 10-inch (25.4 cm) square.
In their analysis, they had surmised that celestial time periods of the Sun or Moon might have been used in conjunction with the HSMF to design and build megalithic structures. Their first breakthrough came when they tested the lengths of the sides and the diagonals of the four station stones at Stonehenge. These form back-to-back 13:12:5 Pythagorean triangles which create a slightly distorted rectangle, possibly due to being used as indicators for particular rising or setting positions of the Sun or Moon. They tested it in association with the time period of the “standstill” Moon (explained below) which is 18.61 years.

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