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Jonathan Turns 190, Becoming The Oldest Tortoise Ever by Lucy Jones

Crack out the Champers! Sometimes we all need an uplifting animal story to get us through the day and this one is a cracker: Jonathan the tortoise just celebrated his 190th rotation around the sun. Born in 1832, the adorable old fella already holds the Guinness World Record for oldest living land animal and is now also the oldest turtle or tortoise of all time. Jonathan lives on St Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean where he passes the time snacking on cabbage, cucumber and carrots, sleeping and mating (AKA living the dream). “He is a local icon, symbolic of persistence in the face of change,” Jonathan’s veterinarian Joe Hollins told Guinness World Records. Scientists believe the secret to tortoises’ long lives may be a process called ‘apoptosis’ during which damaged cells are removed from the body and replaced with healthy cells. Happy birthday Jonathan, keep living the good life!

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