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At Last, There’s A Champion For Women’s Rights by Janice Turner

Self-ID campaigners have grown used to getting their way but the equality commission has now drawn a line in the sand. he Equality and Human Rights Commission is not fit for purpose, say Liberty and Stonewall; it is “extremely dangerous and damaging”, rails the LGBT Foundation. “Hurt and angered” activists have branded it a “hate group” and the Scottish government is enraged. A furious response to a mere regulatory body, whose sole purpose is to enforce the 2010 Equality Act. So what bigotry has the EHRC committed to inflame these tribunes of social justice? Three things, in a single week. First, it warned the Scottish government its planned reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, which will allow anyone to change the biological sex on their birth certificate by a simple declaration (aka self-ID), has consequences for women’s rights, particularly in data collection, sport and within the criminal justice system. Then it informed Holyrood that a census question which asks a person’s sex is not (as the SNP claims) a breach of human rights. Finally, the EHRC cautioned against lumping gender identity with sexual orientation in Westminster’s conversion therapy bill. A lack of clear definitions, it said, could criminalise therapists for counselling patients with gender dysphoria. It proposed pre-legislative scrutiny by committee to bring clarity. In other words, the EHRC did its job. It considered the Equality Act’s nine protected characteristics — age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion/belief, sex and sexual orientation — and kept their competing rights in balance. Previously one has been notably ignored — sex — in favour of a concept with no legal standing at all, “gender identity”.
by Janice Turner

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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