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April 1, 2022

Vladimir Putin has changed the world. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Wall Street had ruled the planet. Do it our way or else. Saddam Hussein dared to sell his oil for euros. His country was bombed, invaded and occupied. Colonel Qaddafi wanted to create an African dollar backed by oil and gold to protect Africans from predatory American and European Bankers. His country was bombed and invaded.

Vladimir Putin has said he will only take rubles, gold and Bitcoin for natural gas. And now the ruble has returned to 100% of the value it had prior to the war.

I would make one bold move if I were Putin. I would tell everyone in the Ukraine that they would be allowed to work tax free until the peace conference settles the new borders by allowing the local populations to vote whether they want to remain in the Ukraine or join the Crimeans in becoming Russian citizens. Though some might prefer to join their brothers in Hungary.

My major appeal would be to the farmers of the Ukraine. I would offer them subsidized fertilizers. Knowing that the Ukrainian planting season is coming up early in May, I would do everything I could to get the farmers back to their land. I would promise them they’d be paid for their crops in their choice of Bitcoin, rubles or gold. I would emphasize to the farmers the current price of wheat and corn in gold while repeating that their profits will be tax free. Their winter wheat is harvested in June. Their other crops should be planted in May. They will have to pay for the loans to buy fertilizers, diesel and other advances from this season’s harvest. But all the money they earn this summer will be tax free.

This will give 10 million refugees (40% external but most internal) major incentives to go back home. Since they will be tax free until the peace conference and the vote, they will have no motive to be demonstrating against the Russians to leave the Ukraine. I doubt that Ukrainians like their tax collectors. Zelensky did manage to steal $1.2 billion from American and European aid and stick it in his offshore bank accounts.

I would further explain to the Russian and Ukrainian farmers that I had already set up marketing routes for oil. I will market fertilizers and their grains as well for rubles, Bitcoin and gold along those same routes. India, the Mideast, Africa and China will have all the fertilizers they need.

I would be willing to sell grains to the Persian Gulf states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. That is provided they sold their oil for Chinese yuan and Russian rubles.

And Iraq, which has recently had food riots, should be pressured to remove all American military personnel. Their embassy staff in the Green Zone ought to be reduced by 90%.

The US embassy in the Green Zone covers an area of 104 acres, six times larger than UN headquarters in New York and ten times larger than the new embassy Washington is building in Beijing – which is just 10 acres.

That 104 acre embassy has over 16,000 employees, and it’s a “post office” shipping things to just about everywhere. Over a million kilograms (2,204,623 pounds) makes us wonder what they are stuffing in those “diplomatic pouches.” The shipments include weapons.

No government can stand if it cannot feed its people. End of story. Tell the Iraqi people that Russia is the only nation with grains and fertilizers at reasonable prices. The US winter wheat crop has been devastated by drought.

Get the US troops out of Iraq immediately. This will force the US out of Syria.

There will be more freedom to people in the West after Wall Street Bankers are stopped and the world transitions from unipolar to multipolar.

Wall Street Bankers stole tens of trillions from American taxpayers. They sold trillions in US Treasury bonds and pocketed the cash allowing us to pay for the principle and interest on what they had stolen. Why should we support such a regime?

The Powers That Ought Not To Be were the ones who made covid in a lab and spent US tax dollars making it more contagious at that Chinese military lab at Wuhan. They spliced strands of the HIV virus into covid to protect it from our immune system. They wrapped mRNA nucleosides in Graphene Oxide insulators so our bodies could not destroy those poisons. Then they sent it from the University of North Carolina to that Chinese military lab at Wuhan where it was enhanced with NIH dollars from Dr Fauci to make it more contagious.

The survival of Russia is a good thing for us. I disagree with Putin on lots of other issues. If the Ukraine had a Second Amendment, those Nazi Azov butchers would have died long ago of lead poisoning. Putin did capture the CIA trained and fundedNazis at Mariupol on the Black Sea but not before they had killed unarmed Ukrainians. Pepe Escobar said Mariupol could become an important port on the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

I mentioned covid as a bioweapon. I wrote about it here:
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Before you leave a comment about Russian war crimes please read about the Ukrainians who died from cholera and swine flu given to them by American biolabs in the Ukraine.
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