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April 2, 2022

Activist teachers with approval from the state have been grooming children for years.

So far I’ve only written one piece on ‘social justice’ (Our Race Back Into The Cave).

This is an unplanned post that’s also personal. The topic is too important not to share.

There are experts who are focused on exposing the grooming of children in schools and are activating parents and politicians to fight back.

The most notable person is of course James Lindsay, Ph.D. He’s the (co)author of Critical Theories, Social (In)Justice, Race Marxism, and Counter Wokecraft and the founder of New Discourses. There are useful articles and videos on New Discourses. I’ll be including one video at the end related to the topic of the Marxist history of Sex education.

If you are a parent with children in public or private schools in the U.S., Canada, or the U.K. and you want to protect your children (or grandchildren) from abusers and groomers, his books are a good place to start, after first getting your kids away from the groomers of course.

It’s not always easy to recognize them though. They aren’t all wearing nose rings and they don’t all have pink or blue hair. Don’t think living in a red state or sending them to private school is enough to shield them. These monsters are everywhere and include school board members and school administrators.

Child Abuse and Grooming

There are many forms of child abuse beyond the physical or psychological abuse of a parent or guardian to a child. This might be considered ‘old school’ child abuse and is still prevalent and pernicious.

The idea that children need protection from harmful and abusive parents by the state still holds. However, over the last decade, this has become inverted by ideologues who believe they know better than parents how to raise their children.

For years now children have become victims of a new form of child abuse that’s rooted in completely made-up academic disciplines related to critical theories. The most well-known has become critical race theory (CRT) which teaches a warped and racist view of race relations based on bloodguilt and the historical crimes of one race for which descendants of the same race must atone for the sins of their ancestors. Teaching children that the color of their skin is paramount and to view the social relations with their peers based on oppression and privilege is nothing short of blatant child abuse. To do the same with radical gender or queer theories with young children is blatant grooming.

We often think of grooming in those ‘old school’ terms as physical contact or sexual abuse by monsters. The vast majority of grooming is psychologically driven. Making children confused about complicated and private subjects like gender and sexuality, particularly without the consent of parents, is an insidious new practice that educators believe is their duty and responsibility.

There are monsters everywhere in society, many with criminal records and registered on sex offender lists whom you wouldn’t let your children near and yet in school classrooms across the U.S. (this is mostly an American phenomenon, though Britain and her commonwealths are trying to keep pace) parents allow their children to spend 6-8 hours each day with activist monsters who prey upon their vulnerable children, confusing them about sexuality and gender, and this being the age of epidemic narcissism, often sharing far too much information about themselves and their own sexuality and gender confusion with children as young as three.

This practice hit home personally a few years ago when I was with my 6-year-old niece and 4-year-old nephew. Driving them home one day we passed a pond of geese and my niece spoke of male geese and female geese. We talked about the goose and the gander. Then she asked, “How come with geese there are only he and she geese but with us, we can have more than just those two?”

Again, she was six years old at the time and I was visiting for the first time since she was three. I nearly drove into a ditch.

When I asked where she learned that, she said school. They live near the one city in the U.S. you would imagine as being the center of all this ideological madness. Yeah, that one.

To say I was furious is an understatement. That was before child abuse with masking, social distancing, and school closures. Both kids had two years of their lives stolen from them by teacher’s unions and a psychotic woke butch governor. They didn’t even return to school until a month ago. They just got to remove their masks in school a week ago. One of their new “facilitators” (teachers) is a genderqueer something-something. Basically, a man who wears dresses.

Their indoctrination into this madness is now on overdrive and, as their uncle who lives on another continent, there’s not a damn thing I can do about it, which is partly why I still live on another continent. It’s too painful to watch up close.

How did we arrive at this point where activist teachers, many of them clearly mentally ill, get to groom children as young as 3-years-old in classrooms under the guises of ‘diversity and inclusion’ or ‘tolerance and acceptance’ or ‘creating safe spaces for marginalized groups’?

How does western civilization get to the point where the children are property of the state, to be raised by the state?

Grooming: The deliberate act of bringing a child into a sexual, political, or racial ideology, practice, cult, or lifestyle without the knowledge or consent of his or her parents for the aim of isolating them from their family so the external party can abuse and manipulate them.

How do parents in Blue States put up with this madness? Are they not complicit in the abuse and grooming of their own children?

Not if they’ve already been assimilated into the cult themselves. If they believe in the aims of the agenda they will do some brainwashing of their own when they aren’t giving their blessing to the teachers. It will simply be reinforced by the parents.

Excerpt from The New World Order (1989) book I included in the last piece:

The family: parents will not be allowed to raise their children (the state will);

Destroying young lives as executive policy.

As with most cults, the LGBTQWERTY cult has its symbols, tenets, group-think language, special days of celebration, orthodoxies that require strict adherence, and those who don’t submit and obey are labeled heretics: transphobes, homophobes, etc.

Apparently, yesterday was Trans day of visibility, just one of the many LGBTQWERTY days of celebration, each of which will be another opportunity for grooming children in classrooms.

If you want to see this cult perform daily, and understand just how deep the rot goes in education, the Twitter account @libsoftiktok is one of the best.

Here’s a compilation of Libs of TikTok videos just from one day featuring some grade school teachers, including one first-grade teacher who is sad that she can’t share her sexuality, girlfriend, or private life with her students.

I don’t know about you Good Citizens but I can’t recall a single teacher from twelve grades of public schooling in the U.S. ever sharing a single word about their private lives, ever, because teachers simply weren’t raging narcissists back then.

Below are two threads from Twitter that expose this new insidious form of child grooming/abuse by state and activist teachers. The first thread is a more simple introduction based on what’s happening in one Virginia school district. The second really digs more into the psychological and ideological roots of the problem drawing on James Lindsay’s work.

As Lindsay often says, these are our enemies.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
Sun Tzu

The following is a Twitter thread from the account @wokaldistance:

The Hampton City School district in Virginia has passed a set of guidelines that say teachers can change a student’s gender **WITHOUT TELLING THE PARENTS.** Under these guidelines teachers can help your kid change genders behind your back, and never have to tell you.

The excuse for this rule is, of course, “safety.”

The woke think that not letting people (even 5-year-olds) change genders is harmful. Anything other than “affirming” a new gender is seen as abuse. So they decided to help students change genders behind the backs of parents.

This means a group of people who have bachelor’s degrees in education, and have *zero* training in psychology, biology, sociology, (or any other discipline related to sex and gender) are now allowed to help students change genders without telling the parents what’s happening. You can see how they made this work.

They think that to refuse to allow your 5-year-old to change his gender and to claim he is a girl is equivalent to physical or sexual abuse. They actually believe that telling a boy he is not a girl is just like assaulting that boy.

The reason for this is that the woke think “boy” and “girl” are PURELY social roles enforced by social rules, NOT categories describing physical or biological reality. They think talking about a “biological boy” is like talking about a biological mailman or biological lawyer. They think anyone can occupy the social role of “girl.” For them, a “girl” is just a role consisting of the behavior we typically ascribe to girls (being feminine, wearing dresses, wearing makeup, etc), and since a man with a penis can do those things, he can become a woman.

So when your 5-year-old boy wants to become a girl and you tell him no, they see that as forcing your child to adopt an identity that he doesn’t want. The Woke see that as a form of child abuse every bit as severe as beating a child.

So when parents stop kids from changing genders, this is seen as the parents doing harm to the child, and on that basis, the teachers have decided to help 5-year-old children change their gender behind the back of the parents. I want you to ponder the consequences of this. Woke teachers have decided that parents do not have the final say over what their kids learn about how sex and gender work. They have decided to put themselves between the children and parents, and then tell the kids that they, the teachers, can be trusted more than the parents.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in education, some youtube videos, a few tik toks, and a 2-hour seminar they attended on trans rights woke teachers have decided they are qualified to help 5-year-olds make potentially life-changing decisions behind their parents’ backs.

Finally, 2 points.
1. If you have not become involved in your local school board the time to start is now.
2. This is why Florida banned the teaching of gender for grades k-3.
Stop letting the media lie to you. Stop listening to them, and start getting involved.

The following is a Twitter thread from the account @joshdaws who is the host of The Great Awokening Podcast:

I’m seeing a lot of people on the right share this meme (“The Left just want to diddle your kids”). While it may be a strong satirical response to those who get lost in nuance, it fundamentally fails to recognize why the left wants to talk to your kids about sexuality. Let’s connect some dots.

The left doesn’t want to diddle kids. They want to create little revolutionaries. To do that they need to sever the bond between students and the parents they believe are raising their children to be hateful bigots.

In order to sever the bond between parents and their children, the left is using a two-pronged approach. Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology (properly known as Queer Theory) are not two unrelated sets of ideas. They are two parts of the same strategy.

CRT is usually the first set of ideas to be introduced. This is often enough to radicalize racial minorities, but it merely steps one for white (or white adjacent) students.

CRT instills in these students a negative self-identity as they’re taught to believe they’re recipients of enormous privilege that was stolen from others and that they are complicit in historic and ongoing injustice. In child terms, they’re taught to believe they’re bad.

Apart from the shame and guilt, this also gives them a worldview at odds with the one their parents grew up with and are trying to pass on to their kids. Step one is complete.

Once CRT is done tearing down these kids and leaving them with a negative self-identity, Queer Theory (QT) is introduced and offers them a wide assortment of positive self-identities to choose from.

Instead of living with the shame and guilt of being a member of the oppressive dominant culture, these students can be celebrated for coming out as gender nonbinary or pansexual.

In an instant, these kids can trade their negative self-identity and all the accompanying guilt and shame of being an “oppressor” for a positive self-identity as a much-venerated “oppressed” minority.

At this point, the left desperately wants this new identity to stay at school so it has time to be cemented before the parents find out. In the guise of helping these students, schools withhold this information about their child’s new identity from mom and dad.

Once the parents do find out about their child’s new identity it’s firmly in place and an adversarial relationship between the child and parents has been manufactured. It takes extraordinarily deft parenting to repair the relationship once it has reached this stage.

The parents’ tendency will be to overreact and push the child further into the arms of the woke radicals who now have the little revolutionary they wanted from the beginning. The bond between parents and child has been severed ending the perpetuation of hate and bigotry.

The left is determined to replicate this process in as many families as they can using whatever means at their disposal. It’s not about diddling kids. It’s about capturing the minds of impressionable children.

Unfortunately, this creates environments where actual predators can thrive. When young children are isolated from their parents, encouraged to adopt different beliefs, and keep secrets from their parents, they are made easy targets for abusers.

“But my school has Christian teachers and a Christian principal. They couldn’t possibly have this agenda.” Aha. This is where we turn to @joe_rigney and connect another dot.
Empathy has become a more popular virtue than sympathy in recent decades. But the shift does not come without its dangers.

Hear me loud and clear on this. Most teachers love the kids in their classrooms and want only the best for them. They have had their empathy *for* these students weaponized *against* them by leftist activists promoting educational programs that sound nice and caring.

Highly empathetic teachers are being used to promote this agenda unaware of its insidious purpose. An example: I recently saw a teacher at a Christian school announce that she would no longer be using the words “mom”, “dad”, or “parents” in her classroom.

Her reason? She had just read a paper on the importance of making kids from non-traditional families feel included. She suggested replacing “Donuts with Dads” with “Bagels with Buds” or something of the such.

This sounds like a very considerate thing to do for kids who might feel different because they don’t have a dad or live with their grandparents, but its purpose is to subtly chip away at the very idea of the normative nuclear family (a stated goal of the BLM organization.)

Christians who think that we can embrace the ideas from CRT and reject radical gender ideology need to realize how the former is used to prepare kids to accept the latter.

These are your kids we’re talking about. The left wants them. They would love to sever your bond with them. They think your appeals to childhood innocence are an attempt to force heteronormativity on them. Seriously. They write papers on it. It’s not a secret agenda.

James Lindsay recorded a three-part series walking through this entire agenda by looking at primary sources. I highly recommend that all parents invest the time to listen to them.

What to do?

  1. Get involved in your local school district, preferably school boards.
  2. Move to a different district, or find a different school nearby where you can move your children that isn’t swamped by ideological groomers.
  3. Move to a different state.
  4. Where all other measures fail, home school your children if possible.
  5. Don’t vote for far-left ideologues, progressives, or even liberals or Democrats. That entire side of the political spectrum has embraced this madness.
  6. Local elections always matter most, so get to know the candidates from Sheriff to City Council and especially those running for county school boards.
  7. In this coming mid-term election there are a lot of open school board seats but registration to get on the ballot is often months in advance. Links to counties in most states here. If they require a political party and you’re not registered with a party simply write, “Not Woke Party” so voters know why you’re running.

How will liberals and democrats be affected by embracing this madness at the voting booth this fall?

They’ve always needed a certain bloc of minority and religious voters (Latinos included) who don’t appear to share their views:

It’s important to think of all this as another front in the Silent War on humanity. Don’t fall for their language scams. They want to cloak their grooming in words like tolerance, acceptance, inclusion, safe spaces, and “progress”.

For you Yellowstone fans reading this, there’s a scene in Season 4, Episode 7 where John Dutton announces he’s running for governor of Montana. You might recall that scene and these words from his speech:

“If it’s progress you want, don’t vote for me. I am the opposite of progress. I’m the wall that it bashes against, and I will not be the one that breaks.”

Be that wall. Vote for candidates who will be that wall. Educate others so they will be that wall.

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