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April 30, 2022

Adolf Hitler Archive With 195 Posts

Eva Braun Films
All nine films available by Eva Braun, along with my three comprehensive articles, four great films, and 36 archives that contain thousands of links.
by Mark R. Elsis

ACH (1773) I’m Talking To YOU #11 – A Slave Is One Who Waits For Someone To Come And Free Him (Audio 48:17)
In today’s show originally broadcast on April 30 2022, Andy presents a show entitled, “A Slave Is One Who Waits For Someone To Come And Free Him.”
“I’m Talking To YOU,” is an unscripted solo show covering a variety of topics, which is only available on Andy’s website, and unlike his other shows, is not syndicated elsewhere.
by ACHitchcock

Palestinian Armed Operation Kills Israeli Soldier In Ariel Settlement
The Palestinian gunmen used a domestically-produced ‘Carlo’ rifle in the latest retaliatory operation targeting Israeli soldiers and settlers.
Two Palestinians in the occupied West Bank carried out an armed ambush against an Israeli soldier guarding the Ariel settlement late on 29 April. The Palestinian gunmen shot the Israeli soldier at point-blank range, waiting for an additional period of time to confirm the death before taking a pre-planned escape route. Occupation officials closed the entrances to the Salfit governorate, where Ariel is located, after learning about the operation. The Palestinians reportedly used a domestically-produced “Carlo” rifle in the operation.
by News Desk

US Moves To ‘Weaken’ Russia By Robbing Its Top Scientists, Will It Work?
By saying that the US “wants to see Russia weakened,” the true intention of the US was unveiled. This was never a conflict between only Ukraine and Russia, but a proxy war between Washington and Moscow. Now the US is planning to take the war to the next level. On Saturday, Bloomberg reported that “Biden seeks to rob Putin of his top scientists with visa lure.” But will it work?
According to the report, among the White House’s latest supplemental request to the US Congress, there is a proposal to drop the rule that Russian professionals applying for an employment-based visa must have a current employer. The purpose is to “make it easier for top-tier Russian talent with experience with semiconductors, space technology, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, advanced computing, nuclear engineering, artificial intelligence, missile propulsion technologies and other specialized scientific areas to move to the US.”
by Global Times

Biden’s Mammoth $33 Billion Ukraine Package Includes Help With Wartime Propaganda
Politico’s Christopher Miller noted earlier that the record-smashing $33 billion spending package that the White House is proposing for Ukraine actually “dwarfs the annual defense budgets of most nations.” To which we naturally asked: how many billions of dollars does it take to turn a ‘proxy’ war into a ‘direct conflict’? For starters it’s clear that such a massive amount of taxpayer money means that Washington clearly doesn’t expect that the war will end anytime soon, as multiple US defense and intelligence officials have recently testified. In fact General Mark Milley, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the House Armed Services Committee during the first week of this month that he sees this as a “very protracted conflict” to come that will be “at least measured in years.”Biden in his Thursday rollout remarks described that the new aid package “begins the transition to longer-term security assistance.” But interestingly as part of this assistance, a key area that the US will fund is what’s essentially information warfare…
by Tyler Durden

New Controlled Food System Is Now In Place And They Will Stop At Nothing To Accelerate Their Control
“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” This famous quote by Henry Kissinger is ringing more and more true by the week. The globalists already control the majority of the money, are moving ever so swiftly to convert the energy system over into systems they are all invested in, and have been taking drastic measures to control the food industry while running much of it under the radar. If they control the seeds they control the food, and if they control the food they can use the digital ID to control consumer access to the food. While a rash of fires suddenly destroy food processing, meat, and fertilizer plants, during a time where farmers are hurting and supply chain issues are kicking in, an entire traceable food infrastructure system has already been built in multiple cities and is making its way across the globe.
by Corey Lynn

An Elegant Symmetry
The US economy’s “surprise” contraction, Japan’s plunging yen, techy high-fliers dismount and plenty more…
On Wednesday, the US reported that the economy is now going backwards. Business Insider with details: The US economy contracted for the first time since the early days of the pandemic as historic inflation crashed into the otherwise strong recovery. The country’s gross domestic product shrank at an annualized rate of 1.4% through the first quarter of the year, the Commerce Department said Thursday morning. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg held a median estimate of 1.1% growth over the period. The print shows the recovery slowing massively from the 6.9% rate seen through the fourth quarter. Naturally, the Biden Team didn’t see the downturn coming. They hadn’t seen inflation coming either. It’s amazing that they can cross Pennsylvania Avenue without getting run over; they see nothing coming. But they keep a bag of fraudulent explanations at the ready, just in case.
There was nothing ‘technical’ about it. People have less money to spend (the gimmie/stimmies are running out). And wages are rising about 3 percentage points behind inflation – leaving people with less purchasing power. When people have less to spend, they spend less. And since spending is 70% of GDP, when spending goes down you should expect the economy to contract.
by Bill Bonner

President Zelensky Insulted By Biden’s Offer Of Only $33 Billion In Weapons When He Gave The Taliban $86 Billion
KYIV—According to international reports, Ukrainian president Zelensky is insulted by the Biden Administration’s meager offering of only $33 billion in deadly weaponry, which is less than half of the $86 billion Biden left for the Taliban in Afghanistan. “I’ll be honest, this hurts,” said Zelensky to reporters. “I thought our corrupt relationship with the Biden family actually meant something! You guys can’t even scrape up $86 billion like you did for the Taliban? Maybe you can just invade our country and then quickly pull out overnight and leave all your weapons here. That might work!”
by BabylonBee.com

Russia Warns West Not To Test Its Patience, Vows ‘Tough Military Response’
Russia has warned the West that there would be a tough military response to any further attack on Russian territory, urging Western capitals to stop pumping weapons into Ukraine. The warning came after British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said it would be legitimate for Ukrainian forces to target Russian logistics to cripple their supply of food, fuel and munitions.
“In the West, they are openly calling on Kiev to attack Russia including with the use of weapons received from NATO countries,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters in Moscow on Thursday. “I don’t advise you to test our patience further.” Two months after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Moscow has reported several military attacks by Ukrainian forces on Russian regions bordering Ukraine.
by Press TV

You Need To Be Thinking Now About Bartering
Bad news concerning the supply chain just keeps coming. The Organic Prepper published an article on the Russian fertilizer export ban not too long ago. We also covered the fires engulfing major food distributors in the U.S. Shanghai, the world’s busiest port, has been locked down, with no end in sight. And, inexplicably, Union Pacific has mandated a 20% volume reduction for its freight cars that should be moving fertilizer around the country this time of year. Add to this the apocalyptic drought in the Western U.S. and rampant inflation, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the thought of what will happen this growing season. However, it’s still early in the growing season, and it’s still too soon to despair.
But we should be planning for a rough couple of years ahead. Bartering will come back with a vengeance. The dollar may not be the world’s reserve currency that much longer. Between pumping trillions of dollars into the system over the past two years and trying to use the dollar to isolate the Russians, even CNN admits the dollar is in trouble. Our government is far too interested in centralized digital currencies for my personal comfort. We need other options, and sooner rather than later.
by Marie Hawthorne

43,898 Dead 4,190,493 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines In European Database Of Adverse Reactions
The European (EEA and non-EEA countries) database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, verified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and they are now reporting 43,898 fatalities, and 4,190,493 injuries following injections of five experimental COVID-19 shots. >From the total of injuries recorded, almost half of them (1,879,995 ) are serious injuries. The website RealNotRare.com has produced another video with testimonies of people suffering COVID-19 vaccine injuries and how difficult it is for them to receive any help as their injuries are denied to be related to the COVID-19 vaccines.
by Brian Shilhavy

More Than A Dozen Food Processing Plants Mysteriously Burn Down As World Faces Commodity Shortages: Conspiracy Or Coincidence?
In the midst of unprecedented inflation, skyrocketing commodity prices and projected food shortages and supply chain issues arising as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an interesting story has started to surface: food processing plants globally appear to be catching fire and burning down at a notable rate. First, lets examine what seems odd. For weeks, social media users and bloggers have been throwing around the story that dozens of food processing facilities have mysteriously burned down over the last few months.
The Western Standard has also been following the story closely and found dozens upon dozens of incidents globally. “Beyond North American food processing plants, there have been dozens more food processing facilities destroyed in fires and explosions in the last two years,” the outlet wrote days ago. “Fires in the food industry are not uncommon,” but the incidents appear to be on the rise, the report said. The outlet recapped some of the more recent incidents, which it compiled in this list (this is only a partial list, TWS’s full list is here):
by Quoth the Raven

White House Embraces Piracy – Unveils Plan To Sell Seized Russian Assets And Give Proceeds To Ukraine
The “rules-based order” is at it again!
From Axios, “White House proposes plan to sell Russian yachts for Ukraine aid”: The White House unveiled a proposed legislative package on Thursday that would allow the federal government to sell assets seized from Russian oligarchs over the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine and to use the proceeds for military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Why it matters: The U.S. has already seized million of dollars in assets from wealthy Russians with close ties to President Vladimir Putin. It and other governments are hoping that financial pressure on those individuals will translate into political pressure on Putin, potentially curtailing his power.
The proposal comes after the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to urge the Biden administration to liquidate the seized assets to help Ukraine. This is just straightforward, unabashed, naked piracy. The Biden regime carried out another similar act of piracy last year by seizing an Iranian oil tanker and selling off its over 2 million barrels of oil for $110 million. Zelensky said last week (perhaps during a coke binge) that he needs $7 billion a month.
by Chris Menahan

From Seawater To Drinking Water, With The Push Of A Button
MIT researchers have developed a portable desalination unit, weighing less than 10 kilograms, that can remove particles and salts to generate drinking water. The suitcase-sized device, which requires less power to operate than a cell phone charger, can also be driven by a small, portable solar panel, which can be purchased online for around $50. It automatically generates drinking water that exceeds World Health Organization quality standards. The technology is packaged into a user-friendly device that runs with the push of one button.
Unlike other portable desalination units that require water to pass through filters, this device utilizes electrical power to remove particles from drinking water. Eliminating the need for replacement filters greatly reduces the long-term maintenance requirements. This could enable the unit to be deployed in remote and severely resource-limited areas, such as communities on small islands or aboard seafaring cargo ships. It could also be used to aid refugees fleeing natural disasters or by soldiers carrying out long-term military operations.
by Adam Zewe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Leftist Leader Admits Multiculturalism Has Failed (Video 3:05)
Causes panic amongst political allies. A leftist leader in Belgium caused alarm amongst his own political allies after admitting that multiculturalism had failed. Speaking about Molenbeek, an area of Brussels with a 40 per cent Muslim population, Conner Rousseau said, “When I drive through Molenbeek, I don’t feel like I’m in Belgium.”
by Paul Joseph Watson

We All Like Good News
I try to deliver, and commenter MikeyinFL helped out. The Global War on Normal People (GwNP) has many fronts: military, political, medical, cultural. Covid is clearly a part of the this war. While the Covid front has slipped from the headlines of late, it continues to simmer. However, there are, slowly but surely, positive developments. One example isn’t good news in the strict sense, but it is good news in the sense of facts getting out to the public. It comes from a major study in Scandinavia, examining the medical records of 23 million people: Covid vaccines raise risk of severe heart inflammation up to 120-fold, says study. Significantly, the findings were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). That’s as mainstream as it gets in the medical establishment.
Even better, in a sense, is the legal news from Italy-a Sicilian court has held that injection mandates are unconstitutional because of the high risk involved with the injections. I say better, because I’ve been disappointed with the legal cases in the US, which have-to date-uniformly ignored the medical data on adverse events. The ruling by the Sicilian court directly relies on data gathered by the EU agency tasked with following adverse medication/drug events-a database I’ve cited several times in the past because it’s more reliable and inclusive that VAERS in the US.
by Mark Wauck

The French Elections But Millions Know History Repeated Itself
It’s not some grand conspiracy, but it’s grand theft all the same. Le Pen voters lost their ballots, their rights, by the millions on Sunday. In France, if a ballot is damaged, it cannot be cast. So, the European Union’s political establishment, which was desperate to prevent Le Pen from taking office, arranged for the destruction of millions of Le Pen ballots. Up to one-third of all ballots sent out to voters, an estimated 60% of Le Pen ballots, were destroyed at the time of mailing.
Only Le Pen ballots arrived destroyed. Despite his unpopularity, there is not one report of a single ballot for Macron arriving destroyed. In the week leading up to the election, reports began pouring in that an enormous number of ballots for Le Pen were destroyed at the time of mailing. They were torn badly, rendering them void, before they were mailed out.
by Michael Walsh

Department Of Homeland Security Introduces “Disinformation Governance Board”
Ministry of Truth?
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has created a new dystopian-sounding board, called the “Disinformation Governance Board” to “fight disinformation.” The board will be headed by Nina Jankowicz, a former advisor to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, who recently criticized online free speech supporters. “I shudder to think about if free speech absolutists were taking over more platforms, what that would look like for the marginalized communities, which are already shouldering disproportionate amounts of this abuse,” Jankowicz tweeted about the story of Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition.
Jankowicz has been fighting what she calls “misinformation” for a while. She was a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center. She also led Belarus and Russia programs at the National Democratic Institute and advised the Foreign Ministry for Ukraine as a member of the Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship.
by Dan Frieth

My Role In The Zündel Trial: The Wartime Role Of Konrad Morgen
… Quite a lot of my testimony was devoted to the Nuremberg Tribunal testimony of Konrad Morgen, an SS judicial official … From July 1943 until the end of the war, Morgen investigated some 800 cases of corruption and murder within the SS, which resulted in about 200 trials. Five concentration camp commanders were arrested, and two of them were shot. For example, Buchenwald commandant Karl Koch was executed by the SS for corruption and murder. After the war Morgen established himself as a successful attorney in Frankfurt. I quoted from Morgen’s description of Buchenwald, where he lived for eight months …
Mark Weber

Thoughts For The Dead
The images of the dead in Ukraine don’t tell us who these men and women are, or how they died. What do they mean?
It is hard to escape the images from Ukraine, but easy not to think about them. So, let’s think about them hard. The bodies themselves are the only truth; there but for the grace of God goes us and all that. Were they Russian separatists? Ukrainian heroes? People on the way home from work? People far from home or abandoned even by loved ones in their own backyards? How little it matters, when they are placed next to each other on the ground. But politics always makes for stranger bedfellows now and forever.
As we make some deal over their deaths—with war crimes accusations levied by a nation (America) which quit the International Criminal Court in 2002 ahead of the Iraq War and as a see ya for Israel being charged with war crimes in the Strip—what say the shadows, the 460,000 dead in Iraq or the 1,353,000 in Vietnam? (Say that one again, Vietnam, because, yes, it echoes behind each muddy footprint, down the halls of State and Defense, Vietnam, where the most senior generals from many nations learned their craft.)
… Karl Doenitz, the head of Germany’s U-Boat program during World War II, stood trial at Nuremberg for war crimes, specifically, unrestricted submarine warfare against civilian shipping. Doenitz, in his defense, raised the fact that the Allies practiced much the same style of war at sea. He even sought testimony from U.S. naval personnel as part of his defense … Doenitz was found guilty, but his testimony sharply resonated with other combatants. Over 100 senior Allied officers sent letters conveying their disappointment over the guilty verdict … We look at those horrible photos again from Ukraine. Who are the dead? … None of that matters. The media tells us to react.
by Peter Van Buren

overplaying the same hand
that which was fearsome becomes banal, and that is how we win
liz makes the case here that it’s “disturbing” to watch media and pundits hurl hallucinatory accusations of racism at anyone who would champion the idea of free speech. obviously, this is part and parcel to the standard left wing tactic of cowing all opposition into silence by shrieking “racsist! sexist! anti-trans! anti-fluffy bunny!” or whatever other vicious and horrible phrase leaps from the febrile fever dreams of their overheated imaginations. anyone who would allow free speech must be some sort of supremacist. everyone knows we should control that which can be spoken! it’s a tactic as nasty and dishonest as it is knee-jerk and predictable. and this is why i take the other side of liz’s argument: this is not disturbing. it’s wonderful. this is how we heal.
you only get to instill fear with “do what i say or i’ll call you the most terrible names i know” so many times. and this has used them up. if it’s normal, it’s no longer scary and the woke lose their power.
el gato malo

Stagflation Arrives, U.S. Economy Shrinks 1.4 Percent In First Quarter
The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released the First Quarter GDP figures today [DATA HERE] showing the U.S. economy contracted -1.4% in the first quarter. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the dollar value of all goods and services produced in the economy, minus the dollar value of goods and services we import. The percentages discussed are percentages of change over time. The first quarter result was an annualized rate of negative 1.4 percent, meaning the U.S. economy is shrinking. However, this should not come as a surprise as the primary driver of our GDP is consumer spending. With everything costing more, less stuff is purchased. Less stuff purchased leads to less stuff generated.
While the first quarter result of -1.4% is not a surprise, in the commonsense perspective, the fact that BEA didn’t revise the fourth quarter result of +6.9% is a little eye opening. There’s no way in an apples-to-apples valuation the U.S. economy goes from +6.9% to -1.4% in one quarter. Instead, what we are seeing is the effect we mentioned when the Q4 result was announced. The BEA is modifying their assumptions by increasing the inflation rate in their calculations of the value of goods and services. They really didn’t have a choice.
by Sundance

The West Is Pushing Ukraine To Attack Inside Russia, It’s A Great Tactic – But A Horrible Strategy
There have already been a series of mysterious fires and explosions inside Russian territory. Many of these involve facilities needed for the war effort. For example, Russia alleges that Ukrainian helicopters blew up an oil-storage depot in Belgorod, Russia. And Ukrainian drones recently penetrated 140 miles into Russian territory. At the same time, blasts at nearby Russian military facilities allegedly killed multiple soldiers. It looks like it may be part of a targeted campaign to strike inside Russia.
This campaign is receiving the full support of the West. Britain’s Defense Minister said yesterday it was “completely legitimate” for Ukraine to use UK weapons to strike inside Russia. He said “Ukraine needs to strike into its opponent’s depth” to win the war. No one can disagree that, when a country is invaded, it has a right to launch counter-attacks. But that does not mean it is wise to do so. I fear that Western support for Ukrainian attacks inside Russia will backfire – and may risk the complete destruction of Ukraine. To date, Vladimir Putin has insisted that what is happening in Ukraine is a “special military operation.” Because Russia has not declared war, it has not begun a full-scale military mobilization. In effect, it has been fighting with one hand tied behind its back.
by Clint Ehrlich

Details Of Hitler’s Last Hours Revealed
Russia’s Federal Security Service has published top secret testimony of Nazi leader’s pilot
Baur described his last conversation with Hitler which took place on April 30, 1945, shortly before the Nazi leader and his wife Eva Braun took their own lives. According to Baur, during his final days Hitler almost never left his quarters, looking old and fragile. His hands, as Baur claimed, trembled, and his intention was clear. “Hitler met me in the hall and led me to his room. He gave me his hand and said: ’Baur, I want to say goodbye to you, I want to thank you for all the years of service,’” the pilot recalled.
Then, according to Baur’s testimony, Hitler wanted to give him his favorite painting – Rembrandt’s portrait of the Prussian King Frederick the Great – as a gift. Baur, in his turn, tried to persuade Hitler not to commit suicide saying that in this case “everything would fall apart.” “My soldiers cannot and do not want to hold out any longer. I can’t take it anymore,” was Hitler’s response. He revealed to Baur that he had ordered to burn his and Braun’s corpses “immediately” after death. Hitler explained this wish by the fear that their bodies would have a similar fate to that of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his mistress whose bodies, after their April 1945 execution, were hung up for public viewing in Milan.
by RT

Hitler’s Peace Plans (95 Pages)
by Mark R. Elsis

April 29, 2022

Abortion Archive With 105 Posts

ACH (1772) Mischa Popoff – No One Goes Quietly… (Audio 58:38)
In today’s show originally broadcast on April 29 2022, Andy is joined by Mischa Popoff, for a show entitled, “No One Goes Quietly…”
We discussed: the New World Order in the Old Testament; the origins of the Bubonic Plague; starvation as a means of war; the biological and kinetic methods of warfare; how the powers that should not be are trying to bring back Covid; why crops and livestock are being destroyed in America; why the time to start prepping is now; and many other topics.
by ACHitchcock

71% Of Elementary Math Textbooks On Florida Contained Woke Indoctrination
Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice.
71% Of Elementary Math Textbooks in Florida Contained Woke Indoctrination
Teachers Union Says Parental Rights is How “Wars Start”
Google Docs Pauses Inclusive Wording Suggestions
YouTube Removes Interview With “De-Transitioned” Former Trans Women
Tennis Star Demands Ideological Purity Test for Russian Athletes
China Bans the First Line of Its Own National Anthem
by Simon Black

In The Battle Over The Right To Repair, Open-Source Tractors Offer An Alternative
Proponents say an open-source farm equipment ecosystem is key to a future of more innovative, repairable, and environmentally adapted tools.
Jack Algiere has always been a tinkerer. As a child in the 1980s, he would repair and swap out engines in the broken equipment on his family’s farm, often figuring out exactly what he was building as he went along. “It’s just part of growing up on a farm,” he said. “We made it work, and we made it.”
Algiere grew up in an era when it was second nature for farmers to fix their equipment—before farm equipment manufacturers like John Deere and others started incorporating proprietary software, parts, and tools only accessible to authorized dealerships. Now, amid a growing “right to repair” movement pushing farm equipment manufacturers to shift their practices, some have gone a step further by calling for a new, production model altogether, built on an open-source system. Under this model, farm equipment is designed to be easily modified and repaired by relying on accessible, universal parts, while sharing or licensing the design specifications and source code.
by Greta Moran

US Private Military Contractor Killed In Ukraine – Report
Wily Joseph Cancel, 22, an employee of a US private military company, has been killed in Ukraine, media reported. His mother Rebecca Cabrera told the CNN broadcaster that the company had sent him to fight alongside the Ukrainian forces and paid him for that. Cancel flew to Poland on March 12 and soon crossed into Ukraine. According to Cabrera, he was fighting in Ukraine along with people fro different countries. Mercenaries from various countries are arriving in Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian military operation in the country. The Russian Foreign Ministry said earlier that about 7,000 mercenaries from more than 60 countries have arrived in Ukraine since the beginning of the special operation. According to the MFA, among them there are citizens of Poland, the USA, Canada, the UK, Romania, Georgia.
Sputnik News

US ‘Whole-Of-Govt’ Animosity Against China Building Up With Blinken’s Upcoming Speech
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will detail a national security strategy in the coming weeks to deal with the emergence of China as a great power, which will contribute to the US’ latest “whole-of-government” propaganda of the “China threat,” jointly hyped by the government and lawmakers, along with think tanks and media. Observers said Blinken’s upcoming address won’t be something new but rather seeks to demonstrate the US’ ability to manage foreign affairs in Europe and the Asia-Pacific at a time when the Ukraine crisis continues. But when the all-out animosity against China reaches a new high, a US too obsessed with “China threat” is losing its capability of analyzing China in a nuanced manner, silencing domestic rational voices and risking military conflict with China over the island of Taiwan.
by GT Staff Reporters

Biden Administration Comes Under Fire for Forming DHS ‘Disinformation’ Board
The director of the board previously advised the Ukrainian government.
The Biden administration has come under heavy criticism for creating a “Disinformation Governance Board” that falls under the Department of Homeland Security. The board has been slammed as Orwellian as the board was formed to fight whatever the US government considers to be “disinformation.” According to Politico, the board is meant to “coordinate countering misinformation related to homeland security, focused specifically on irregular migration and Russia.” So far, the Biden administration hasn’t put out much information on what exactly the board will do. When asked about it, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t offer any details. “I really haven’t dug into this exactly, I mean, we of course support this effort but let me see if I can get more specifics,” she said.
by Dave DeCamp

Bums At The Fed
Plus, hazmats suits at the airport, voodoo economics and plenty more…
Michael Burry points out that in the last 18 months, the feds have given out some $850 billion in gimmie/stimmie checks… more than $1 trillion in non-repayable loans (of which as much as half was fraudulent)…. and another $4 trillion in indirect support. And households were also able to walk away with $400 billion in cash-out refinancing, thanks to the Fed’s super-low rates.
But now what? The Fed is no longer adding money to the system. It’s letting its portfolio of bonds expire… at the rate of nearly $1 trillion per year. It is not buying more. This is QT… quantitative tightening… not QE, quantitative easing. Shouldn’t you expect the ‘tightening’ to have an equal and opposite effect as the ‘easing’? And the Fed is threatening to raise interest rates, too… and keep raising them… until the inflation rate goes back to 2% which, by some voodoo, it believes is the perfect rate of price increases.
by Bill Bonner

The World Order Reset
China’s Ukraine Catastrophe, the Rise of Trans-Atlantis, and a New Age of Power.
What did Vladimir Putin tell Xi Jinping when they met in the cold, blustery first days of February in Beijing? In a ceremony afterwards the two leaders signed a joint-statement condemning the geopolitical audacity of the United States and NATO while declaring the China-Russia relationship to have “no limits.” This was also at this moment when, at least according to American intelligence, Putin promised Xi he would refrain from military action against Ukraine until the end of the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games, which were then about to commence. Whether this is true or not it is impossible to say, though Russia’s tanks did roll across the border into Ukraine just four days after the games concluded. But in either case the question remains: on the eve of war, what did Putin say was actually about to go down?
by N.S. Lyons

Study: Lockdowns Drove 60,000 Children In UK To Clinical Depression
More proof lockdown advocates were on the wrong side of history.
A new study published in the Royal Society Open Science journal found that lockdowns in the UK caused around 60,000 children to suffer clinical depression. Researchers detected a 27.1 per cent prevalence of depression amongst their sample, a number significantly higher than would have occurred without lockdowns. According to a report by the Telegraph, the percentage equates to about 60,000 extra kids who suffered clinical depression thanks to COVID-19 restrictions. “After controlling for baseline scores and several school and pupil-level characteristics, depressive symptoms were higher in the COVID-19 group,” the study found.
by Paul Joseph Watson

DHS Head Can’t Name One Case That He Referred To DOJ For ‘White Supremacy Or Domestic Terrorism’
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has claimed repeatedly that white extremists are the greatest terror threat to America but when confronted during a congressional hearing on Thursday he couldn’t name one single case he referred from DHS to the Department of Justice for “white supremacy or domestic terrorism.” Florida Rep. Greg Steube (R), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, grilled Mayorkas on the issue: Despite claiming domestic terrorism is the #1 threat to the homeland, @SecMayorkas can’t name a single case that he referred from DHS to DOJ for white supremacy or domestic terrorism. pic.twitter.com/9ZtYp1A3eo — Congressman Greg Steube (@RepGregSteube) April 28, 2022
Steube also asked Mayorkas why he doesn’t consider BLM rioters (who caused $2 billion in damages during the Summer of Floyd) a domestic terror threat. Watch @SecMayorkas tell me and the House Judiciary Committee that he does not consider Black Lives Matter a domestic terrorism organization. Unbelievable! pic.twitter.com/NUSQd0dmL0 — Congressman Greg Steube (@RepGregSteube) April 28, 2022. Mayorkas can’t name any cases because so-called “white extremist” attacks have been at a record low, despite non-stop hysterics from the regime. The FBI has had to repeatedly manufacture domestic terror plots and fund their own “white extremist” groups just to justify their domestic War on Terrorism (aka War on the American People).
by Chris Menahan

Holocaust Misinformation Or Truth? (29:27)
by Jim Rizoli

Suppose Nothing Is Stronger Than Love
Suppose that’s true. Suppose steel walls or time and space can’t block it. Suppose it’s always there, no matter what we do to remain unconscious about it. Suppose it’s always there between us and those we love, no matter where they’ve gone or we’ve gone. Suppose nothing can stop it. What would that mean? The lost shall be found. And if we knew that as clearly as we know the table and chairs and the lamp are in the next room, what then? Everything would change.
by Jon Rappoport

The Members Of Congress Who Are Pressuring The Fda To Inject Babies And Children Under 5 With Covid Vaccines More Quickly
There is probably no other single issue in American politics today that unites both Democrats and Republicans more than the topic of vaccines, and especially the topic of COVID-19 experimental “vaccines” and issuing as many emergency use authorizations as possible to inject as many people as possible with these deadly shots. You cannot hold a political office at the federal level today if you are anti-vaccine. Being pro-vaccine and supporting Big Pharma is a requirement for both Democrats and Republicans who want to be elected, and it is the one issue that both previous U.S. President Donald Trump and current U.S. President Joe Biden agree on today.
A group of pro-child abuse and pro-attempted murder of babies and young children members of Congress are now pressuring the FDA to approve COVID-19 vaccines for babies and young children under the age of 5. They are the members of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, originally setup in April of 2020 under then President Donald Trump, and they are upset that the FDA has not issued an EUA for babies and children under the age of 5 so that parents can attempt to murder and abuse their children with one of these deadly shots.
Yesterday, they sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, M.D., requesting a briefing on the status of COVID-19 vaccines for the under 5 age group. These members of Congress are complicit with the criminal act of attempted murder against the nation’s babies and children, and I encourage everyone who reads this to contact them and let them know that they will be held accountable for their actions, if not in this life, then when they die and meet their Creator.
by Brian Shilhavy

Doom Porn And Empty Optimism
If we can’t discern the difference between doom-porn and investing in self-reliance, then solutions will continue to be out of reach. I’m often accused of calling 783 of the last two bubble pops (or was it 789? Forgive the imprecision). Like many others who have publicly explored the notion that the status quo isn’t actually sustainable despite its remarkable tenaciousness, I am pilloried as a doom-and-gloomer (among other things, ahem).
Fair enough, and I’m fine with the doom-and-gloom label (we have more fun!) as a generality. But many take any skepticism of the sustainability of the status quo as extending into some perverse delight in the prospect of collapse leading to a Zombie Apocalypse featuring black gunships and firefights over the planet’s last case of refried beans.
That is a mis-characterization of my premise that whatever is unsustainable eventually unravels. We are not god-like (other than the Federal Reserve, of course), and so our heartfelt desire to render the unsustainable sustainable via the power of empty optimism will fail, as magical thinking can change our internal emotional state (happy happy, it will all work out without any inconvenient sacrifice or change), but it can’t change the real world (alas).
This leaves us a choice: either 1) manage the unraveling with an eye on minimizing general adversity by investing our capital, resources and labor in transitioning to a sustainable economic model, or 2) squander our capital, resources and labor on propping up the final terminal phase of a waste-is-growth, hyper-financialized, hyper-globalized, perversely corrupt and unequal status quo in which the few exploit the many via their control of power and capital.
by Charles Hugh Smith

Bitcoin Beginners: Mining Is A Lottery – The Bitcoin Wars Part X
Bitcoin mining is also a lottery. Each computer that mines Bitcoin “buys lottery tickets” by spending electricity to choose numbers at random until one computer buys a winning ticket. It works a bit like this: Each ticket is a random number between 1 and 1,000,000,000,000. The first ticket with a single-digit number wins the “block reward” (some Bitcoin). Winning the mining lottery is a bit like shooting an arrow at an enormous target that is placed after you are blindfolded and hitting some tiny speck that would be too small for you to see even if you had the blindfold off, then being spun around still blindfolded and splitting the first arrow with your next shot.
Now you know why it takes so many computers around the world to split the arrow. The lotteries are designed and adjusted to last around 10 minutes, so the Bitcoin mining lottery is won around once every ten minutes at which point (some amount of) new Bitcoin is “minted” as a block reward which is to say that it appears at the wallet address of the winning miner.
by Mathew Crawford

Call For Retraction Of Paper Entitled: “Impact Of Population Mixing Between Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Subpopulations On Infectious Disease Dynamics: Implications For SARS-CoV-2 Transmission”
Authors: David N. Fisman, Afia Amoako and Ashleigh R. Tuite
First of all, please refer to this thorough and excellent review of the paper by Byram Bridle, and a list of scientific reasons why the aforementioned paper should never have been published. This paper indeed went through peer review. Who were the reviewers? I smell an investigation coming your way. My take? The point of publishing a low level piece of writing like this is to create division. It is that simple. There is no scientific merit in this piece (I will demonstrate this) and the message is not science-based: the message is that the ‘unvaccinated’ need to be ‘vaccinated’.
by Jessica Rose

Biden Seeks $33 Billion More For Ukraine
US President wants to provide additional funds for Ukraine, as well as powers to seize and sell the assets of wealthy Russians
US President Joe Biden has asked Congress for an additional $33 billion in funding to prop up Ukraine in the ongoing conflict with Russia. A vast part of the massive package is destined for additional military and security aid, while the rest will be used for economic and humanitarian assistance. “The Administration is requesting $20.4 billion in additional security and military assistance for Ukraine and for U.S. efforts to strengthen European security in cooperation with our NATO allies and other partners in the region,” the white House said in a statement.
Unveiling the package during his speech at the White House, Biden said it was “critical” for the lawmakers to adopt it. “We need this bill to support Ukraine and its fight for freedom,” he said, admitting the price was not “cheap.” “But caving to aggression is going to be more costly if we allow it to happen,” he stressed. The US administration wants the aid package to get designated as emergency spending, so that it does not have to be offset by spending cuts elsewhere. Apart from the massive aid package for Ukraine, Biden is also seeking new powers to target wealthy Russians the US administration believes to be ‘oligarchs.’
by RT

Siding With The US Empire Is Always Wrong: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix
If you get the feeling that all this Ukraine flag-waving is one more vapid mainstream propaganda initiative used to manufacture consent for an agenda that has nothing to do with what you’re being told, it’s because that’s exactly what is happening. In this war Russia has killed many Ukrainians and Ukraine has killed many Russians and the US empire has killed many Ukrainians and Russians.
It’s nuts that there are still grown adults who think Putin invaded Ukraine for no other reason than because he is evil and hates freedom.Focus less on the Azov Battalion and more on the fact that the US deliberately provoked this war with the goal of toppling Moscow and is threatening all our lives with increasingly reckless brinkmanship against a nuclear superpower.
People who promote a US/NATO war with Russia are more dangerous and depraved than racists, homophobes, transphobes and antisemites, and they should be treated accordingly. They are the most dangerous extremists on earth. This should be completely uncontroversial and obvious to literally everyone.
by Caitlin Johnstone

Plastic-Eating Enzyme Could Eliminate Billions Of Tons Of Landfill Waste
An enzyme variant created by engineers and scientists at The University of Texas at Austin can break down environment-throttling plastics that typically take centuries to degrade in just a matter of hours to days. This discovery, published today in Nature, could help solve one of the world’s most pressing environmental problems: what to do with the billions of tons of plastic waste piling up in landfills and polluting our natural lands and water. The enzyme has the potential to supercharge recycling on a large scale that would allow major industries to reduce their environmental impact by recovering and reusing plastics at the molecular level.
“The possibilities are endless across industries to leverage this leading-edge recycling process,” said Hal Alper, professor in the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering at UT Austin. “Beyond the obvious waste management industry, this also provides corporations from every sector the opportunity to take a lead in recycling their products. Through these more sustainable enzyme approaches, we can begin to envision a true circular plastics economy.” The project focuses on polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a significant polymer found in most consumer packaging, including cookie containers, soda bottles, fruit and salad packaging, and certain fibers and textiles. It makes up 12% of all global waste.
by University of Texas at Austin

the disinformation governance board would be the american “ministry of truth”
and that cannot be countenanced. make orwell fiction again
wow. the US federal government is A LOT more worried about losing control of the informational narrative than i realized. this is some desperate, scary stuff. the department of homeland security is creating a new division and, i kid you not, it’s called the “disinformation governance board.” “boy did i call it or what?” ~ george orwell
this terrifying new foray into fascist informational suppression claims a narrow mandate, but are any truly fool enough to fall for such an implausible tale, especially right in front of the american mid-terms and right after jen psaki got done telling us about how we need the federal government to be more active in suppressing medical misinformation and russia narratives?
by el gato malo

A Fear Of Blind Spots
Running through a minefield blindfolded.
We are never really dealing with a full picture of any one topic. Consciously we may suspect this from simply not having a very satisfying array of tangible information from which to begin the process of decision making. We each possess differing capabilities in terms of logical deduction and analytical reasoning. And as you point out with numerous examples, neurologically our senses will inevitably betray us in ways we cannot even fathom. Even if one is aware of those sensory deficits there’s still no way to fill in that missing information, those “gaps”. One simply cannot produce or reproduce what was never captured, though it sounds like we attempt to do our best to ‘fill in those gaps’ anyway with incomplete information.
This leaves each of us with a skewed sense of reality, based on the limitations of our perception, the treachery of our own biases, plus all those social and experiential factors previously mentioned that might fall under that ‘nurture’ category that need not get thrown out with the bathwater. As you put it aptly, “We all fall for the illusion that what we see and know is the nature of things.” Our faculties are hijacked, misguided, or we’re simply dealing with insufficient information that we are incapable of staying on that path to perceive some approximation of “reality”. Forgive me for making any unscientific assertions so far, but that’s more or less where I ended up, perhaps led astray by my own limited perceptions or outright ignorance.
by Good Citizen

On Ukraine, The World Majority Sides With Russia Over U.S.
Russia pivots to the dynamic East and fast developing Global South
2014 saw two pivotal events that led to the current conflict in Ukraine. The first, familiar to all, was the coup in Ukraine in which a democratically elected government was overthrown at the direction of the United States and with the assistance of neo-Nazi elements which Ukraine has long harbored.
Shortly thereafter the first shots in the present war were fired on the Russian-sympathetic Donbass region by the newly installed Ukrainian government. The shelling of the Donbass which claimed 14,000 lives has continued for 8 years, despite attempts at a cease-fire under the Minsk accords which Russia, France and Germany agreed upon but Ukraine backed by the US refused to implement. On February 24, 2022, Russia finally responded to the slaughter in Donbass and the threat of NATO on its doorstep.
by John V. Walsh

‘Disinformation Governance Board’ Executive Director Nina Jankowicz Is A Nightmare For America (Text and Video)
Here’s a look at why Nina Jankowicz, the new executive director of the Department of Homeland Security’s “disinformation governance board,” is an absolute nightmare for America and freedom of speech. Jankowicz, a Fulbright-Clinton Public Policy Fellow, has demonstrated massive political bias, cannot serve as a trusted arbiter of truth, and has even said America needs “law enforcement and our legislatures to do more” to censor the internet. During recent testimony before the House Appropriations Subcommittee Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the establishment of a “disinformation governance board,” specifically aimed at combating supposed Russian interference in American elections. Despite the fact the board itself sounds massively Orwellian its new “executive director” Nina Jankowicz sounds like a downright nightmare for America and freedom of speech. Although Mayorkas has announced the establishment of the board, the details of the horrid governmental spandrel are not yet fully clear. Mayorkas did highlight during his testimony, however, that the board’s team will “focus [its] efforts on election security,” specifically in regards to Russian “cyber-interference.” (A term used by Rhode Island congressman James Langevin during the testimony.)
by Sense Receptor News

Putin Warns The Us To Back Off In Ukraine
The Western narrative of the two-month old war in Ukraine imbued with the rhetoric of “democracy versus autocracy,” has dramatically changed with the assertion by the US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin at a news conference in Poland Monday following his and Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s trip to Kiev, that Washington wants to “to see Russia weakened.”
David Sanger at the New York Times noted that Austin was “acknowledging a transformation of the conflict, from a battle over control of Ukraine to one that pits Washington more directly against Moscow.” But this is not really a transformation. Sanger’s colleague at the Washington Post, David Ignatius, had written over three months ago that the Biden Administration was working on a road map to get Russia blogged down in Ukraine and attrition it in a way that it becomes a much diminished power on the world stage.
For the Kremlin, most certainly, Austin’s remark would not have come as surprise. As recently as on Monday, President Vladimir Putin repeated at a meeting in the Kremlin that the US and its allies have sought to “split Russian society and destroy Russia from within.” Putin revisited the topic again on Wednesday pointing out that “the forces that have been historically pursuing a policy aimed at containing Russia just don’t need such an independent and large country, even enormously large, in their view. They believe that its very existence poses a threat to them.”
by M. K. Bhadrakumar