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November 8, 2000 – The assassination of Faris Odeh by the Israel Defense Force (IDF).

Faris Odeh standing alone in front of an Israeli Merkava tank, with a rock in his hand, and about to throw it. This iconic photograph was taken by Laurent Rebours of the AP on October 29, 2000. Ten days later, on November 8 (during the perfect cover of a lame duck Presidency and the added chaos of the undecided U.S. Presidential election), Odeh was again throwing rocks when he was targeted on purpose and shot in the neck by the Israel Defense Force. Faris Oden very slowly bled to death where he fell because the evil inhuman IDF would not let an ambulance pick him up for an hour.

This photograph is the symbol of opposition to the occupation of Palestine by Israel.

Faris Oden was 14 years of age. Bless you, for your courage against impossible odds.

A Violent Insane Asylum
by Mark R. Elsis

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