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Was Jim Morrison Assassinated? by Mark R. Elsis

There are many links in this article about the very strange death, or possible assassination, of iconic and exceedingly rebellious rock legend Jim Morrison. Included are posts about his Father, Rear Admiral George S. Morrison, and the June 8, 1967, Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, which gives plausibility to the assassination motive. Was Rear Admiral George S. Morrison losing his commission on his ship, and Jim Morrison dying in Paris within 24 hours of each other just an incredible coincidence?
I have stated for decades that if the CIA / MI6 / Mossad had a list of people they wanted assassinated on July 3, 1971 (which I am quite sure they had, and still have one today), for a multitude of reasons, Jim Morrison was likely the first person on that list.

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One Reply to “Was Jim Morrison Assassinated? by Mark R. Elsis

  1. Improbable at best. Hus band was called the Doors because they were intended to open doors the left wing opportunists He was basically a product from Naval Intelligences operation in Laurel canyon. They ran the social engineering for the 60s social break down from there. All in line with the legalisation,, for the first time in history of the Church of Satan formally on Beltane aka Witches Sabbath, which was the equivalent of Christmas in the pre Christian pagan European world. The Catholic secretly continued to celebrate it under the guide of Saunt Walpurgis night.
    It was all about THAT.IS.
    All about DECEIVING.

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