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About The [Jewish] Magistrate Judge Who Issued The Mar-A-Lago Warrant by Mark Wauck

I saw references to Bruce Reinhart last night, and the fact that he had previously defended Jeffrey Epstein (who didn’t kill himself). Commenter ML has also drawn attention to the matter. Technically, that’s not legally relevant-everyone is entitled to legal representation. The ethics of a defense lawyer should be judged by the quality of his representation, rather than the identity of his client. However … “Emerging details” paint a disturbing picture. I had originally assumed that Reinhart is a District Court judge. But he’s not. That’s a problem in a case like this. Here are two tweets that I got via Red State that paint a fuller picture: Twitter@RonColeman US Magistrate Judges are not Article III judges. Not appointed by the POTUS. Not confirmed by the Senate. They sign virtually all federal warrants. How does a USMJ not kick an application for a search warrant on a former POTUS upstairs to a real judge?
My take is simply this. I would have expected DoJ to take their application to a “real judge” just to give a greater appearance of legitimacy to the whole proceeding-to give the impression of going the extra mile to be fair. They didn’t bother, and that’s “troubling.” Moreover, Reinhart himself could have sought guidance from higher ups. I know from personal experience that this can and does happen-or that higher ups do sometimes intervene
Here’s Bonchie’s further comment: The warrant was rubber-stamped by Magistrate Judge named Bruce Reinhardt. As Ron Coleman points out, that’s highly suspect given the profile of the situation. Why did a low-level, unconfirmed, unappointed magistrate judge sign off on the most consequential FBI warrant in decades? If any warrant application demanded the eyes of a real judge, it would be one targeting the former President of the United States. Yet, this judge was happy to give the FBI what they wanted while the FBI was happy to accept. Let’s be real about this. I’m not defending the FBI, but warrant applications are not argued by the FBI. It’s DoJ through the local US Attorney’s office.
That seems almost inconsequential, though, compared to what else we now know about Reinhardt. Astonishingly, he quit his job as a prosecutor to go work for infamous sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s associates, and he helped secure immunity deals for many of the low-life enablers who surrounded Epstein.

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5 Replies to “About The [Jewish] Magistrate Judge Who Issued The Mar-A-Lago Warrant by Mark Wauck

  1. Well the internet everywhere says he was appointed by Trump.
    And my scant sticky beaking into him revealed a secretive character obscured by cv details into a non entity who was born from biological human reproduction into a mammalian family where he attended an indoctrination centre ,became heavily institionalised ,some would dare to suggest over institutional8sed actually,and filled vacancies in positions whereby he cane to infamy.
    The usual portrayal of secret society members who prefer to hide themselves behind masks if anonymity as their openness and transparent resolutions and commitment to public service.
    So I would suggest he isnt a Jew. Bruce is certainly Scots like Donald and Reinhard is Germanic.

      1. So ?The Queens the head of the Church of England but she bows down to the Pope really .”nothing is what it seems “Qe2

  2. And yes the FBI were clearly sent to use him to get their permission, he had obviously been instr6cted to proceed and comply without seeking approval from his superiors and that suggests the control of the entire sham.came from Bidens office .
    Now as for the Epstein connection ,if you actually spend a few years investigating pedophilia then you know Epsteins Lolita airline is named from Englands pedophilia Lolita magazine .That England ran that commercialisation of pedophilia and you will also understand that like slavery ,pedophilia is english tradition.Why do you think Epstein and Ghislane were photographed sitting on the Throne?Who took their picture?.Why where they set up in that situation and by whom ?
    And if you really want to 7nderstand pedophilia again you have to return to England because it’s been totally institionalised there for centuries As you know Maritime Admiralty laws run the show jointly from the Vatican and the Crown and the basis of the English, Brittania rules the waves ,Navy is built upon the tradition if the Captains usually 8 year old cabin boy .Those boys go onto to become the officers and just like Nelson eventually ,if skilful become Admirals .Pedophilia is the basis of their training. It’s the backbone of the Empire .

  3. BTW Only the EXECUTIVE can lawfully gave authorised the FBI to get the little magistrate to issue the unfettered warrant for the raid That’s Joe and Kamala as the two ringleaders and some other similarly motivated members of the executive . And not one news source is truthful Not one. Theyre all liars and neo nazi antisemitic deceivers. All of them working for the same source as the original almost exclusively Catholic hierarchy of german nazis

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