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Is Israel Planning To Relocate To Ukraine? by Chuck Baldwin

In this column on April 7, I quoted Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky as saying that when the Ukraine War is over, Ukraine will be a “big Israel.” Of course, Zelensky is himself an Ashkenazi Jew, and Ukraine was the original home of those who became Ashkenazi Jews.
Could it be possible that one of the motives behind the U.S. war in Ukraine is a potential relocation of Israel from Palestine to Ukraine?
“Absurd!” you say. Maybe. Maybe not.
At this point, I’ve already lost 80% of America’s evangelicals who have been brainwashed by the pseudo-prophecy doctrines of Cyrus Scofield and who believe that the Israeli state born in 1948 is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and is a—no, THE—central prophetic sign of Christ’s Second Coming.
And the vast majority of political conservatives are brainwashed into believing that Israel is America’s “greatest ally” in the Middle East and must be supported with American dollars and protected with American blood—at all costs.
Both evangelicals and political conservatives are totally blind to the major role that Zionist Israel plays in the overall globalist machinations and agendas. This blindness is a source of grave cognitive dissonance within their own minds.
They will do anything to support and defend the Zionist State of Israel, not realizing that Israel is one of the biggest enemies that America—and Freedom—has ever had and that it has done more to destroy our Christian culture and heritage, our economic stability and our constitutional liberties than any nation on earth.

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One Reply to “Is Israel Planning To Relocate To Ukraine? by Chuck Baldwin

  1. Israel was created for the pleasure of the King of England and his government. They set it up with the Palestinian situation intact As is.

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