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July 29, 2022

The number one threat to the peace and safety of the citizens of Great Britain, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia New Zealand and the US is American Corruption and Arrogance.

The people who seem to think they own the American government have a Unipolar view and reject polite requests for a Multipolar one from several billion people around the world.

Victoria Spartz is a congresswoman from Indiana who was born in the Ukraine and has an undergraduate degree from Kiev University. She has a master’s degree from Indiana University. She is a CPA and real estate broker and was CFO for the Indiana Attorney General. She wants more controls on the money and weapons we send to the Ukraine. She has been condemned for that by Zelensky and both Republican and Democrat House leaders. These critics all benefit from profligate, unaudited spending.

The corporate press has been slow on reporting Ukrainian corruption because it might reflect badly on America’s role as the corrupter of nations.

Has anyone seen the corporate press report that Ukrainian soldiers sold a HIMARS and 33 rockets to the Russians for $1,130,000?

My regular readers should remember the story told by Dr Mark Skidmore. He and Catherine Austin Fitts have reported on the theft of more then $30 trillion from US government departments, the worst offender being the Pentagon. Dr Skidmore said, “The US Treasury gave the US Army a check for $800 billion to cover up the “Missing Money.” Guess what happened? The generals lost the $800 billion.”

We do know that 2 planeloads of NATO military equipment crashed on missions to clandestinely sell American and European deadly weapons to terrorists, drug cartels and dodgy arms dealers. I saw an interview with a Mideast terrorist armed with NATO’s latest. There was an ad on the Dark Net for a classified drone which can be used to assassinate high value targets. The price was a mere $4,000. Lots of state sponsored terrorists would love to have America’s newest and best assassination tool.

The reality is that the Ukrainian government is an American puppet regime so their corruption is an American necessity.

No honest man would allow a foreign nation to operate 26 biolabs leaking deadly viruses on their soil killing their people. The Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych took control of the biolabs so Victoria Nuland used $5 billion in US money to stage a coup in 2014 two months before scheduled elections. She used Israel operatives to help her. Her husband was a founder of the Zionist Project for a New American Century. Yanukovych was an ethnic Russian. Nuland and the two most recent Presidents, Poroshenko and Zelensky, are Jewish.

Zelensky has an $8.5 million house in Israel and a $32 million mansion in Miami. He had an estimated $850 million stashed overseas before February 24th and has likely stolen more money. Gonzalo Lira repeated what National Security advisor Jake Sullivan said about Zelensky at an Aspen conference. Lira said his warning about a possible assassination was itself an assassination threat. Americans would probably seize Zelensky’s money as soon as he was killed. The Americans see him as a liability. They would prefer a martyr and are probably planning to have a network of terrorists stay behind to harass the Russians.

Americans were told that sending 12 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems) is a Game Changer. An obvious lie. Lockheed Martin makes HIMARS and its stock rose $72 a share. The Russians have 96 Tornado 9A524s in just one brigade. It can fire 12 individually targeted rockets within 12 seconds with twice the payload and 50% further with the same accuracy. HIMARS can only fire 6 rockets which is rather poor for an MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System.)

Gonzalo Lira told us that the US military learned their lesson early one morning in March when Russian cruise missiles were fired from 400 kilometers (248.6 miles) away at a NATO training base near the Polish border. The US radar had no warning that the missiles were incoming. Cruise missiles are comparatively slow at Mach 3, but Russian Electronic Warfare is so far beyond ours that we never knew they were coming. There were 500 NATO soldiers on the base with $400 million in modern weapons for the Ukrainians. The soldiers all died and the weapons were destroyed. Lesson learned.

The US is a decade or more behind Russia in Electronic Warfare which allowed them to send 300 missiles across hundreds of miles of supposedly protected air space without detection. This is due to corruption in the Pentagon which seems to be more concerned with covering up for the tens of trillions of dollars that went “Missing.” This translated into the deaths tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.

On Day One of the current conflict the Russians took out the Ukrainian Air Force and most of their S-300 anti-missiles defense system. The US is talking about replacing their S-300 with the Patriot system. The problem is that the US gave the Patriots to Israel. The Israelis tried to improve it but still did not like it so they sold it and their innovations to China in addition to Sam Cohen’s Neutron bomb. The Chinese took the Israeli improved version of the Patriot and fused it with their S-300 technology to produce the HQ 9 which they sold to Iran. The Iranians can use the HQ 9 to protect their S 300 in a layered air defense network. The Iranians are hoping to get upgraded to the S-400 now that they agreed to sell 300 drones to Russia.

Obviously, the Patriot system is not very good. The Saudis are using it against Yemen but it does not stop primitive Houthi Scud missiles. The Saudis have seen the writing on the wall. They have decided to join BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) along with Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina and lots of other nations. Apparently, as American military power declines, a Multipolar world seems to be more attractive.

The US Senate has added $13 billion to the Defense budget for a grand total of $852 billion for next year. Russia spent $65.9 billion on defense last year. Russia has Mach 20 missiles. Even Iran has Mach 14 missiles. The US is struggling with Mach 5 missiles failing their testing. The important point is that American allies cannot rely on American weapons to defend themselves. The US has no defense against Mach 10 incoming missiles. But Russia has. They are already deploying the S-500 which can stop Hypersonic missiles. That is why Turkey and India both bought S-400 systems from Russia over US objections.

There is another critical area where American corruption is taking its toll on the Ukrainians and that is Industrial Warfare. The Russians are hitting Ukrainian soldiers with 50,000 artillery shells a day. The US is trying to get them 5,000 artillery shells a day. That 10 to 1 advantage has translated into more than half of Ukrainian frontline soldiers having died.

The very corrupting American government passed NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) in 1993. It sent American jobs overseas and created a very long supply chain. It closed 80,000 manufacturing plants in the US. And now we have trouble supplying a supposed ally with enough artillery shells to slow down Russian advances. The US leadership continued to flood the US with legal and illegal immigrants so that now the average rent is $2,000 a month with 15% of all renters facing eviction.

It would seem that Putin was right in 2007 when he said at the Munich Security Conference that a Unipolar world did not treat its citizens well either.

I have previously explained how Putin’s friend Sergey Glazyev plans to offer Worldwide Debt Cancellation to the Global South some time in either 2023 or 2024.

Sergey Glazyev has said what he plans to do to us as early as May 2023 at the next BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) conference. He is the Minister of Integration and Macroeconomics at the Eurasian Union. Glazyev’s plan is that the expanded BRICS membership, the Global South, refuses to repay any loans denominated in dollars, pounds, euros and yen. Our financial institutions would collapse. Any money in a bank would be gone on Day One. On Day Two a quadrillion dollars in derivatives would be triggered. On Day Three inflation in those 4 nations would permanently cut wages 60% or more, 100% for anyone who loses their job. We would have Nationwide Food Riots. I would expect every major American city to be burned to the ground.

By advocating for a Multipolar world, Putin has become a hero of sorts to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

We could, if we had an honest government, stop BRICS from cancelling all debts denominated in dollars, euros, pounds and yen. We could offer worldwide Debt Cancellation by arresting the Bankers who stole tens of trillions of dollars from us, seizing their assets and using them to fund Debt Cancellation. We would also need to institute banking and monetary reform.

In the 1930s at least 3 million Americans starved to death. They died because we were not allowed to change our banking laws. We are required to pay interest on a loan to have money which the Banker creates out of thin air so we may have money to conduct business. The US money supply had contracted 31% by 1933 and could not expand until the either the US government or consumers decided to borrow lots of money. It was decided for us that we would have WW II to expand the money supply and permit the people to eat food on a regular basis. Of course we killed 58 million people after the Rothschild owned Bank of England had bought weapons for Hitler in 1935, FDR had refused peace terms to the Japanese Emperor in 1936 even if he promised to pull out of China and the German military offer to arrest Hitler in March of 1939 was denied by London.

Many of our modern woes were caused because we did not bring back Lincoln’s non-interest bearing currency, the Greenbacks.

I would suggest that we do what we can to survive 5 years because that is more than the rest of the planet will do. We must work together to grow food and to distribute it locally. We need to resist all experimental injections disguised as vaccines. We must learn how to prevent disease and wean ourselves away from Big Pharma’s drugs and vaxxes. Oxford University has recently shown that 94% of all drugs do not work and many are harmful. Those covid vaxxes will probably kill or incapacitate 90% of the people who took covid Booster injections. Fortunately, 30% of the original 2 Pfizer injections were water and another 30% were low doses.

The future belongs to the unvaccinated.


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