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March 28, 2022

We have been told by the Woke crowd that we should be prepared to accept the Great Reset. The participants of the World Economic Forum at Davos tell us in just 8 years we will no longer own homes, cars and appliances. We won’t even own the clothes we wear. We will rent them from billionaires. They say we will be happy in our tres chic poverty.

If you remember watching The Bridge Over the River Kwai, the Japanese commandant quoted one of his generals telling the British and Americans POWs you must be happy in your work.

The Powers That Ought Not To Be think they can make us happy with short food rations at high prices even after they have forced us to sell our homes, cars, appliances, furniture and jewelry plus cash in our savings and investments to buy food, pay our utilities and get enough gas to commute to work.

Klaus Schwab says in the near future we will be implanted with microchips in either our brain or under our skin that will integrate the physical, digital and biological worlds. Think of the chip in your brain as an AI assistant. Today you have to pick up a phone to call home. In the Klaus Schwab’s future, your boss can call you in your sleep and wake you up because you will not be allowed to turn off the phone inside your body to calls from your superiors.

Today if you want to be lied to you can turn CNN on and listen to Jen Psaki. In 8 short years you can see CNN 24 hours a day whenever your attention is not needed at work. Think of it! No down time. You will be the best human you can possibly be in the eyes of the Woke crowd.

If your neighbor mistakenly believes we have a high crime rate because the local Soros funded DA is letting violent street thugs out of jail with No Cash Bail, your brain will instantly be flooded with news from CNN informing your neighbor he is wrong to think such bad things of his betters.

Just think what wonders a combination of a Chinese social credit score and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) can achieve. If you attend a rally where people criticized President Biden, you could be fined $500 to $1,000 and told to go home. If you defiantly remained at the rally, your brain would be flooded with CNN panel shows while your chip calls the police, gives them your photo and location and tells them to arrest you.

There seems to be a lot of downsides to getting a chip in your brain.

Klaus tells us that the chip at first might be in our clothes and then maybe under our skin and then finally our brains will be chipped and our bodies and our lives will belong to Billionaires.

The title of this article mentioned food shortages. I think they will use starvation and high food prices to force us to accept chips inside us.

I am convinced that one goal of covid was to force us to accept vaccine based digital passports. That did not work. Many US states are governed by Republicans who have outlawed vaccine passports.

The next Big Thing will be food shortages and skyrocketing prices pushing the public into accepting digital food rationing cards. People might even be bribed into accepting Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) when they are given digital cash so they can afford to buy food and pay their bills as soon as they get their “digital passports.”

The public will be demanding food rationing sooner than you think.

China started rationing food last year after the floods. They stopped exporting fertilizers while they continued to buy up American farm land and food processors like Smithfield hams.

President Biden did his part by restricting oil pipelines and oil drilling. All part of the Woke Green agenda that ruined Europe’s energy policies and tripled some of their energy costs. Farmers need diesel. Diesel is $6.40 in California. In Germany it is $9 per gallon and is restricted.

President Biden has done a good job of ruining our relationship with former Allies. The Solomon Islands (remember Guadalcanal of WW II fame) has reached a new Security pact with China. The US is fading away before our eyes.

The Democrat Governor of Michigan is trying to shut down a pipeline that gets propane from Canada to American farmers so they cannot dry their crops. Farmers need to reduce the moisture content of their various grains by half or face losing it all to rot. Not that this year’s crop will be that great. Winter wheat is harvested in June. Drought might almost wipe out US winter wheat in some states. Europe’s forecast is for a tripling of drought crop losses. Paraguay and Argentina stopped all exports due to their drought.

Russia and the Ukraine are the breadbasket of Europe, the Mideast and Africa. Those people will have nothing to eat. Russia and Ukraine are also ceasing to export fertilizers.

I do have some questions. There are about 3.7 million Ukrainian refugees and 6.5 million internally displaced. The US seems willing to fight Putin to the last Ukrainian. All that is left of their army can be found in half a dozen cities that are encircled by Russian soldiers. Who will feed the Ukrainians after the war ends? Where will this food come from? What will the feeding of 43 million Ukrainians do to food prices in the US?

For now prices are just high. But critical means food shortages will cause riots overseas at first and then in major American cities. As I have said before, I expect nationwide food riots in America before the November 2024 elections.

The Chinese leadership has prepared itself for food based rebellions. The CCP has sent $10 trillion overseas. Individual Chinese citizens have also sent trillions overseas to prepare a safe haven for the day when the Chinese government no longer exists.

As I have said before, no Chinese government in the past 2,000 years has ever survived a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM.) We entered a GSM in 2020. We can expect 40 years of bad weather and high food prices with food inflation from 400 to 600% as it did in the UK and France during the Maunder Minimum of 1645 to 1715. China began all this food inflation by guying half the world’s grains. This year’s crop yields in China might be the worst in years.

I mentioned that we will have crop losses for 40 years. We will also have increased numbers of major volcanoes and earthquakes. I would advise everyone in America to move away from the West Coast and out of the New Madrid fault area from Memphis to St Louis. In October of 2024 we will have a planetary alignment, not seen since the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD.
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Below is the video in which Klaus tells us the Good News about chips in our brains.

On January 10, 2016, Klaus Schwab Stated, Everyone Will Be Microchipped Within Ten Years (1:30)

On January 10, 2016, Klaus Schwab Stated, Everyone Will Be Microchipped Within Ten Years (1:30)
(To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.)


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