Ultimatum by Mark R. Elsis

Hail Mary

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death.

Who would like to help me organize rallies in the United States and try and end this despotic insanity peacefully?

You have until midnight August 17, 2021, to decide to help or not.

“Scotland has a population of 5,463,300, with 5,522 deaths (as of June 11, 2021) from the injections. The United States has a population of 331,449,281. So the United States has 60.67 times more people than Scotland. The 5,522 (deaths in Scotland) times 60.67 equals 335,020. With all things being somewhat equal, this means there should be about 335,020 deaths in the United States from the injections. Yet we are being told there are only 10,991 deaths (as of July 16, 2021). It very much looks like the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is totally corrupt and blatantly concealing the authentic numbers to make it look like 30 times fewer people have died than most likely have. It is now time for all knowledgeable people to rebel against this mass murder medical tyranny before the culling of most of humanity takes place.”
Mark R. Elsis

5,522 People Have Died Within 28 Days Of Having A Covid-19 Vaccine In Scotland According To Public Health Scotland
The most up to date figures published by PHS and within the report released by on the 23rd June 2021, and they reveal that between the 8th December 2020 and the 11th June 2021 a total number of 5,522 people died within 28 days of having a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. According to the spreadsheet provided by Public Health Scotland; which includes the quantity of deaths by type of vaccine and the date they occurred, 1,877 deaths have been due to the Pfizer mRNA jab, 3,643 deaths have been due to the AstraZeneca viral vector jab, and 2 deaths have been due to the Moderna mRNA jab.
by The Daily Expose

Declaration Of Jane Doe
Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1746, Jane Doe, hereby declares: “On July 9, 2021, there were 9,048 deaths reported in VAERS. I verified these numbers by collating all of the data from VAERS myself, not relying on a third party to report them. In tandem, I queried data from CMS medical claims with regard to vaccines and patient deaths, and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5. This would indicate the true number of vaccine-related deaths was at least 45,000. Put in perspective, the swine flu vaccine was taken off the market which only resulted in 53 deaths.” I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on July 13, 2021. [If you’re thinking, why didn’t she sign her real name to this crucial document, think about what happened to Karen Silkwood and all of the countless others who were incredibly brave and told the truth about such important matters, they all died mysteriously for doing so.]

Why Did The CDC Silence The Million Dollar Harvard Project Charged With Upgrading Our Vaccine Safety Surveillance System?
I’ll quote the findings directly from the report, “Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. […] Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of ‘problem’ drugs and vaccines that endanger public health. New surveillance methods for drug and vaccine adverse effects are needed.” Again, let’s stop and think about this revelation for a moment: fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. The CDC’s entire vaccination propaganda campaign rests on their claim that side effects from vaccination are exceedingly rare (and predominantly minor). According to the CDC, in 2016 alone, VAERS received 59,117 vaccine adverse event reports. Among those reports were 432 deaths, 1,091 permanent disabilities, 4,132 hospitalizations, and 10,274 emergency room visits. What if these numbers actually represent less than 1% of the total as this report asserts? Simple multiplication would yield vaccine adverse events reports numbering 5,911,700!
by Truth Snitch

One percent does not control the world.
It is more like .00001% or around 700.
But the rest is pretty much correct.

Many European countries and cities have had one or more rallies, but there haven’t been any rallies in the United States against this medical tyranny massacre. We Americans need to act now and come together to change this before it’s too late to do anything about the blatant and demonic power grab from which soon there will be no peaceful recourse that remains.

Millions Protesting Across UK And Europe Against Covid Lockdown And Vaccine Passport Tyranny (1:58)

18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting A Covid Vaccine (An Excellent Concise Overview)
The only industry in the world that bears no liability for injuries or deaths resulting from their products, are vaccine makers.
The four major companies who are making these covid vaccines are/have either: Never brought a vaccine to market before covid (Moderna and Johnson & Johnson). Are serial felons (Pfizer, and Astra Zeneca). Are both (Johnson & Johnson). Moderna had been trying to “Modernize our RNA” (thus the company name)–for years, but had never successfully brought ANY product to market–how nice for them to get a major cash infusion from the government to keep trying. In fact, all major vaccine makers (save Moderna) have paid out tens of billions of dollars in damages for other products they brought to market when they knew those products would cause injuries and death–see Vioxx, Bextra, Celebrex, Thalidomide, and Opioids as a few examples. If drug companies willfully choose to put harmful products in the market, when they can be sued, why would we trust any product where they have no liability? In case it hasn’t sunk in, let me reiterate…3 of the 4 covid vaccine makers have been sued for products they brought to market even though they knew injuries and deaths would result. Given the free pass from liability, and the checkered past of these companies, why would we assume that all their vaccines are safe and made completely above board? Where else in life would we trust someone with that kind of reputation?
by Christian Elliot

The Vaccination Racket by Dr. Amandha Dawn Vollmer (1:08:39)

The Vaccination Racket (Great Collection)
Whale home page for vaccination documents (books, articles, media stories, quotes, citations, videos, memes, ingredients, contaminants, package inserts, VAERS, also critics and mind control), exposing vaccination, collected over 20 years.
by Whale

We Don’t Need No Vaccination (Parody) (2:20)

Remember the big lie that you were first told about Covid “two weeks to flatten the curve” it is now 17 months and innumerable lies later. Are you still drinking the mass psychosis-induced Kool-Aid that has given you a variant of the Stockholm syndrome, or do you want to change this totalitarian reality?

Time Is Running Out To Stop The ‘Vaccine’ Control Project
We have a limited time to act. The essence of the situation now is clear: what is still perceived by many as a medical emergency is in reality a highly organised global corporate and political agenda. This agenda is directed towards imposing unimaginable control over the global human population though mandatory vaccination, connected to a digital passport, which will be linked to digital currency and a social credit score. These technologies enable power to be centralised to a level of intensity never seen before in history. At the controls of the machine will be the network which has orchestrated everything that has unfolded over the past eighteen months. Here is what has happened in Great Britain since March last year. The Ministry of Health under the direction of Matt Hancock has presided over the deaths of tens of thousands of the elderly in care homes. These deaths were not caused by deciding to lock down too slowly, but were the outcome of a series of political decisions. These included turning care homes into prisons, and banning relatives from visiting, and placing an enormous order for Midazolam, a sedative which has been used for euthanasia.
by Daniel Miller

I tried my best last year to throw a big rally in Washington D.C., but very few wanted to help. I found it hard to believe just how incredibly pathetic almost everyone was while under medical tyranny. Well, here I am asking again. Perhaps another year of complete medical tyranny has woken people out of their stupor. I sure hope it has.

The Manufacturing Of A Mass Psychosis For Totalitarianism (16:32)

The swine flu vaccine was taken off the market when it caused only 53 deaths. By VAERS own corrupt numbers, we already have over 200 times that amount of death, but still no mention from any politician or the mainstream media of removing these “emergency use authorization” deadly injections from the market. Why?

There Is No Variant… Not Novel… No Pandemic. Dr. David Martin With Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (1:22:47)

Also, why have the same media along with big tech censored all of the top doctors that are brave enough to speak out on all the different aspects of this phony pandemic?

These noble doctors brought up many vital issues such as the vastly inflated Covid numbers because of the incredibly high cycles used by the PCR tests and because of this, the grossly inflated death numbers attributed to Covid, when the real reason for 94% of death of these people, they had on average 2.6 other life-threatening comorbidities, also in almost all countries the average age of those that died were about the same age or older than the average age for death in those countries; the completely useless and detrimental face masks; the extremely harmful lockdowns with millions of small business foreclosures and bankruptcies, along with millions of evictions and tens of thousands of extra suicides (United States numbers only); the untested, infertility causing, life shortening, and lethal mRNA depopulation injections that received their emergency use authorization fraudulently, because there were quite a few better alternatives for Covid such as Vitamin D, Zinc, high-dose intravenous Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), intravenous Methylprednisolone, Hydroxychloroquine, Quercetin, Selenium, Ivermectin, Vitamin A, Iodine, also because of the emergency use authorization, the four “vaccine” makers don’t have to tell you the ingredients that are in their injections, all of this and much more was shown by countless honest doctors to prove this was a big hoax.

Why I Am Deleting All Content After 48 Hours by Dr. Mercola (5:45)

Dr. Mercola Is Deleting Every Article On His Website Of 25 Years. Forever. by Erin Elizabeth (7:22)

The Death Knell For Relying On The PCR Test For Covid Statistics
Forget most of what the media has been propagandizing us with for the past 18 months. CDC Statistics Show that Only 6% of America’s “Covid-19 Deaths” Were Listed as the Sole Cause of Death. (Which Means that the Actual Causes of Death may have been Because of the Patients Chronic – And Lethal – Ailments. Statisticians, Epidemiologists and Media “Experts” Worth Their Salt Should be Multiplying 0.06 (6%) X the Supposed 500,000 Covid-19 Deaths to Get a More Accurate Count of American Deaths) (0.06 X 500,000 = 30,000, which approximates the number of deaths expected for the average annual pandemic influenza and influenza like illnesses (ILI), which never resulted in economic lockdowns, school cancellations, mandated mask-wearing, “distance learning” or promotion of the irrational – and psychologically-traumatizing – “germophobia”.) “For (a miniscule) 6% of the deaths, Covid-19 was the only cause (of death) mentioned (on the death certificates).” “For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, there were (an average of) 2.6 additional conditions (‘co-morbidities’) or causes per death.”
by Gary G. Kohls, MD

Everything done to the public over these last 17 months is right out of The Rockefeller Foundation Lockstep Psychological Operations Plan from 2010. The main ingredient to control the masses is plenty of fear. From what I’ve heard, there has been fear porn around the clock on most television news shows. Fear is not only on the television but seems to be everywhere.

Scenarios For The Future Of Technology And International Development – May 2010
by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network

CORONA Plandemic And The NWO Takeover Plan by Rooster’s House (44:58)

Rockefeller Foundation Lock Step – The Plan For World Control Under The Guise Of A Pandemic (14:54)

Last year the United States government even gave Yale University a large grant to find the best ways to use social engineering and persuade the vaccine-hesitant public to take the mRNA injection. The study of 4,000 people tested ten different messages aimed at convincing people. While several of the appeals were straightforward arguments, others hinted at a willingness to use public shaming to elicit compliance. One, for instance, “asks the participant to imagine the guilt they will feel if they don’t get vaccinated and spread the disease,” with variants exchanging guilt with anger or embarrassment. Another suggests someone who refuses vaccination “doesn’t understand how infections are spread or who ignores science.” Another declares that “those who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are not brave.”

Yale Study To Manipulate Americans Into Taking COVID Vaccine by Ben Swann (10:08)

Then there were all of the enticements to take the injection, beer, fries, lotteries, scholarships, joints, strip joint membership, and on and on. It always smacked of utter desperation to me. But now that these incentives have run their course and are no longer inducing people to get the injection, the politician front men for this con have changed their tune and have taken the gloves off. This order has gone out the police forces and they have started to treat activists with brutality. A recent microcosm of this type of behavior is in the article below.

UN Special Rapporteur On Torture Requests Info On German Police Brutalizing Anti-Lockdown Protesters
Elderly woman thrown to floor by her throat. The UN’s Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer has requested more information on an incident in which a female anti-lockdown protester in Berlin was grabbed by the throat and brutally thrown to the ground by riot police. As we highlighted earlier, the demonstrations ended up with a whopping 600 people being arrested amidst innumerable brazen examples of police brutality, including against children, that were caught on camera. Germans were protesting against plans to ban unvaccinated people from a plethora of different venues, including restaurants, cinemas and stadiums. One video clip shows an elderly protester merely attempting to walk past a police officer dressed in riot gear before he grabs her neck with both hands and throws her to the floor.

by Paul Joseph Watson

This next article is from July 26, 2021, and lays out the coordinated political attack very well:

The Alinsky Play Is Clear – California State Joins New York City And Veterans Administration In Mandating Vaccination Shots For Employees, Simultaneous To CDC Changing COVID Test
It’s all a strategic Alinsky move once you connect the dots. Earlier today New York City Mayor De Blasio announced mandated vaccinations for all 340,000 city employees. Hours later Joe Biden announced mandatory vaccinations for all 115,000 front-line employees of The Veterans Affairs department. Immediately thereafter, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced all state employees and healthcare providers will be forced to vaccinate. None of these events are disconnected.
response tests for COVID-19. The reasoning? The current PCR test does not differentiate between COVID and the flu. The new tests will distinguish between the flu virus and the COVID virus. Can you see the strategic move now? The new CDC approved rapid response test will cull the flu cases from false positives; that approach will automatically drop the number of new COVID cases identified. The Biden regime will then say the drop in new COVID cases is because of the forced vaccinations in major populations (VA, NYC and CA).
As a result, everyone must get vaccinated because the added vaccinations are lowering the COVID cases, and the statistics will prove it. Can you see it now? This false assertion, driven by organized manipulation of events, will then increase pressure on the remaining public to get vaccinated. The drop in COVID positive cases will create the momentum for additional COVID vaccination mandates.
by Sundance

All of this reminds me of an of an old quote:

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
Frank Zappa

Two very devious snake oil salesmen.

I know it is hard to wrap your head around it, but we’re dealing with absolute evil masking itself as being philanthropic and beneficial to our society. So wake up now because this corrupt reality will become our new normal if we allow it to be. This insidious charade will not end until we end it, and we must stop it as soon as possible because the psychopathic oligarchy is now turning on the unvaccinated with an unrestrained malevolence.

Dr. Bryan Ardis Interviews Dr. Carrie Madej (1:04:26)

To prove my point about this absolute evil, these insane lunatics are now trying hard to inject our children with their gene therapy deadly brew. In eight states, children as young as 12-years-old may consent to have the injection without the consent of their parents. If there is a definite line in the sand for most of us, it’s when you go after children like this with such aggression, especially when there is no need to give them an injection. The death rate from Covid is a microscopic 0.00001% for babies through young adults of 20 years of age.

Hands Off! by Shawn Galaway (4:05)

This issue, along with a couple of dozen other Covid anomalies, tells us this is not about the so-called Covid virus, which by the way, they have never isolated.

The Final Refutation Of Virology by Dr. Stefan Lanka (22:25)

Dr. Thomas Cowan Discussion With Dr. Stefan Lanka About Virology (1:05:53)

The Contagion Myth (Book)
Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease
by Thomas S. Cowan, MD, and Sally Fallon Morell

No, there is a far more sinister agenda going on here. It is about the extensive culling of humanity and doing it quickly. When I heard Dr. Lee Merritt say that these were depopulation injections and whom they were targeting, I was not surprised at all, because I had been waiting for it to happen since late 2012. Take a listen to the link just below and hear it for yourself, this “vaccine” targets 54% Whites, 39% Blacks, and 0% Ashkenazi Jews.

Critically Thinking Doctors: Depopulation “Vaccine” Target 54% Whites, 39% Blacks, 0% Ashkenazi Jews (1:22:45)
This whole 1:22:45 video discussion is great, but to listen to the Depopulation “Vaccine” For 54% Whites, 39% Blacks, and 0% Ashkenazi Jews, starting at 13:15 with Dr. Lee Merritt.

Well, isn’t that unbelievably interesting, this injection hurts 0% of Ashkenazi Jews. We are being set up for the greatest culling ever by the same parasites running the central banking system, and therefore the world. This is the reason why I have said we are already in World War Three.

For me, the dead giveaway for this biggest con of all time was that Israel made sure everyone on earth knew they were leading the world with their population receiving the injections more than any other country. Since the Jews control most media worldwide, they knew front-running this propaganda and disseminating it to the world would push every other country to inject their population faster.

Old Devils by William Elliott Whitmore (Great Song And Animation) (2:17)

When you look at who owns and operates the four companies that make and push these injections, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer, one sees they are predominantly Jewish (when Jews are only 1 in 500 people on earth). In the video below, Brother Nathanael lays this out very well.

Pandemic Of The Vaxxinated by Brother Nathanael (16:31)

Also, there’s a tremendous amount of bribe money being paid in countless different nefarious ways to a multitude of underlings throughout the earth to foster this satanic narrative so that it takes hold permanently and proceeds at warp speed. For those that create money out of thin air with their central banks, this is no trouble at all.

Creepy Joe’s Jewish Family And Cabinet
As you read this short piece, remember, Jews are only 1 in 500 people on earth. The chance of these 28 Jews to be in the most important positions in the United States government, well, that’s impossible. But yet it has happened through a coup d’etat. With a blatantly stolen election, these 28 conniving Jews, have now seized positions of incredible power within the United States government. World War Three is here folks. All without a shot yet to be fired, that is except for the billions of mRNA shots being pushed around the world to the immensely inculcated and dumbed down masses. Now is the time to remember what the Jews did to the Christians in Russia when they gained power. They murdered 66,000,000 of them. The author Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn in his work, Gulag Archipelago, Volume 2, affirms that Jews created and administered the organized Soviet concentration camp system in which 66 million Christians died. On page 79 of this book he names the administrators of this the greatest killing machine in the history of the world. They are Aron Solts, Yakov Rappoport, Lazar Kogan, Matvei Berman, Genrikh Yagoda, and Naftaly Frenkel. All six of these men are Jews. In 1970, Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.
by Mark R. Elsis

Another vital point, these Satanists, for the most part, have made it illegal to go to church and worship with your neighbors. The strange thing is most of the hierarchy of the churches have willingly gone along with this. The fix is in about as deep as it gets, and even stranger, most of the parishioners have voluntarily gone along with this. If we remain apathetic and stay on this slippery slope, we will be on a one-way trip to hell.

Then there is the shocking revelation that was brought forth by Dr. Bryan Ardis. The FDA knew ahead of time about all of the adverse events and deadly consequences that these emergency use authorization, non-FDA-approved injections were to have on the unsuspecting recipients receiving them and covered it up. What this is, of course, is premeditated mass murder on the grandest of scales.

FDA Cover-Up They Knew About Deadly Vax Side Effects by Dr. Bryan Ardis (41:16)

Dr. Bryan Ardis has also shown that the only treatment allowed for Covid during the first ten months of 2020 in the United States was the non-FDA-approved Remdesivir. This was the drug pushed by mass murderer Anthony Fauci, just as he pushed the extremely lethal AZT for AIDS.

To prove that Remdesivir was beneficial, the CDC linked to the NIH, where there were two studies. The first study was a one-year clinical trial on Ebola that used Remdesivir. It had to be pulled from the study after six months because it was found to be lethal. In a second 28-day study with 53 people done by Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of Remdesivir, 22% developed four different lethal side-effects, multiple organ failure, acute kidney failure, septic shock, and hypertension. Then another 8% had to be taken off the drug between days five and ten because they were dying from the side effects. So, in total, 30% had gotten Remdesivir poisoning during this second trial.

When Dr. Ardis looked at the death numbers for the United States in June of 2020, he saw that 8% of patients treated for Covid had died, many from acute kidney failure. Interesting that it is the same number, 8%, that in the second study had to be removed because they were dying of Remdesivir poisoning.

As mentioned earlier, this was done when there were all of these other safe alternatives to treat Covid such as Vitamin D, Zinc, high-dose intravenous Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), intravenous Methylprednisolone, Hydroxychloroquine, Quercetin, Selenium, Ivermectin, Vitamin A, Iodine. But all of these were not allowed.

How much more evidence does one need for premeditated mass murder?

Depopulation By Any Means: Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (59:28)

Anthony Fauci: 40 Years Of Lies From AZT To Remdesivir
by Torsten Engelbrecht and Konstantin Demeter

Tony The Rat Gives Every Possible Answer On Masks And Covid (2:07)

Within the last month, yet another bombshell revelation was made public about the injections. Spanish scientists have concluded that they contain toxic graphene oxide nanoparticles. On June 25, 2021, La Quinta Columna has made an urgent announcement that they hope will reach as many people as possible, especially those involved in health and legal services. The COVID vaccines in all their variants, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer, contain graphene oxide nanoparticles. These astonishing findings have been the result of analysis using electron microscopy and spectroscopy, among other techniques. Below are two interviews by Stew Peters breaking this news story online.

What COVID Injections Do To Your Blood! Doctor Releases Horrific Findings! by Stew Peters Show (11:51)

Deadly Shots! Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison In Covid ‘Vaccine’ by Stew Peters Show (25:14)

One last idea, I have heard many country leaders say they must have 70% of their citizens injected, not 65% or 75%, always 70%. Why? My theory is this was the order given been by their bosses (the 700 or so in control of most levers of power on earth). The 70% must be the threshold where shedding will transmit it to the remaining 30%.

For more on this see the 13 articles and videos archived on EarthNewspaper.com:

They will soon try to force mandatory “vaccinations” upon us, so if we don’t stop this insanity now, the culling of most of humanity will occur. Then the only people left will be akin to automaton slaves.

Human 2.0 – A Wake-Up Call To The World by Dr. Carrie Madej (21:16)

The “vaccine” passports are just the gateway to a dystopian future for these remaining slaves, where everything they say, think and do, will be digitalized and controlled by a small group of totalitarians. It will be like the Chinese social credit system already in place but much more extensive and with incredibly advanced technologies.

China’s ‘Social Credit’ System Has Arrived To America
For example, PayPal has announced an inquisition in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to research funding for extremism on its payment platform. “PayPal and ADL will focus on further uncovering and disrupting the financial pipelines that support extremist and hate movements. In addition to extremist and anti-government organizations, the initiative will focus on actors and networks spreading and profiting from all forms of hate and bigotry against any community.” They are extremely vague about what exactly they will consider extremist content. But we have some idea… The New York Times, for example, considers the word “freedom” to be an “anti-government slogan,” according to a recent article on the protests in Cuba. Twitter considered it hate speech and banned a Spanish politician for Tweeting, “a man cannot get pregnant.” If you protest lockdowns, you are an extremist putting lives in danger. If you burn down police stations and flip cars in the name of social justice, you are a mostly peaceful protester.
by Simon Black

KokeSpiracy Theory by K Koke (3:53)

I have written two previous articles about Covid, the first about the number of extra suicides there would be, and the second backing up the claim I made from the beginning (back in late February 2020) that this was a con and there wouldn’t be any excess worldwide deaths, and I was correct on both.

There Will Be 72,556 Extra Suicides This Year In The United States Because Of The Massive Unemployment
As of May 3, 2020, the cold hard facts are there will be 72,556 extra suicides this year because of the massive unemployment caused by the unprecedented crisis.
by Mark R. Elsis

Worldwide Excess Mortality Rate In 2020
Contrary to what most people believe because of the non-stop media brainwashing,
2020 had a proportionately normal year-over-year increase in the excess mortality rate.
by Mark R. Elsis

We have the power to manifest this change, and the only way we will do this quickly is by working together, with every one of us giving our best effort. If we don’t act now while we are at 50% not injected and 50% (if you believe their numbers – which you can’t – so it is probably far fewer people that have been injected in the United States), totalitarianism will keep turning the screws tighter and tighter, and the walls will keep closing in, until before you know it there won’t be enough of us left to create a peaceful paradigm shift.

“Those Who Are Not Vaccinated Will End Up Paying The Price” Creepy Joe (0:04)

Australians Who Post Anti-Lockdown Content Online Could Face $11,000 Fines
Citizens who plan and attend protests being spoken about as if they were terrorists. Australians who merely post anti-lockdown information online could face fines of up to $11,000 under a draconian new piece of legislation. Under the proposal, which is being pushed by the opposition in New South Wales, protest organizers would be fined a whopping $20,000 and people who attend would be fined $5,500. However, the law would punish “people sharing information on social media about illegal rallies and inciting others to illegally attend” even more harshly, hitting them with $11,000 fines. The onerous fines are intended to neutralize a protest movement that has grown in recent weeks over New South Wales imposing yet another brutal lockdown on its citizens, which is now being enforced by military occupation of Sydney.
by Paul Joseph Watson

“If not us, who? If not now, when?”
President John F. Kennedy

So, I ask once again, who would like to help me organize rallies in the United States?

I have been the lead organizer of four big rallies, so I have plenty of prior experience organizing such events. But these past rallies will pale in comparison to the inconceivable importance of these new rallies that are to be, for they will be for all the marbles, forever:
The first rally was in front of The New York Times at 229 West 43rd Street in Manhattan.
The second rally was in front of the United Nations in Manhattan.
The third rally was in front of the New York City headquarters for NASA in Manhattan.
The fourth rally was in front of the White House (Lafayette Square Park in Washington D.C.).

If you need a refresher course on just how bad things have gotten this last year, here is the most valuable information on earth, from doctors and experts, all in one place.

With over 1,600 posts, the largest archive of COVID-19 articles and videos online:

Do we want to create a beautiful world for our future generations or forever subjugate them into hellish slavery? The choice is ours to make, but there is very little time left in which to make it. It’s now or never. This will be the last warning from me of the ominous consequences of the failure to respond to this satanic threat. Ignore it at your peril, but I will remind you by being so selfish, the extreme danger you will place on all of our future generations.

Dr. John Ioannidis is the most widely cited scientist in the world. His estimate in June 2020, of a 0.26% infection fatality rate was confirmed around the world. 100% – 0.26% = 99.74% average survival rate. That has now been revised to IFR = 0.15%. 100% – 0.15% = 99.85% survival rate all people on earth.

Covid-19 Vaccine [mRNA Injection] Considerations
In my family, we have a rule: If you consider having an experimental medical procedure done, 1) Don’t even think of insisting that anyone else have it done, inside or outside the family, because they control their own bodies and health decisions, not you; and 2) Be sure you have read about and can explain in your own words all of the known risks of that procedure before embarking on it. Also, consider potential future risks. I ask that you, the reader, at least take time to consider the above, and at least consider reading information in the links below, before submitting to this experimental medical procedure. Is the COVID vaccine experimental? Pfizer and Moderna make the COVID-19 vaccines in the US. The FDA granted “emergency use authorization” for these vaccines (herein “COVID injections,” because they are unlike conventional vaccines). Emergency use authorization is required by FDA guidance to be made only if there are no effective treatments for COVID-19. General risk vs benefit: An emergency experimental vaccine cannot be assumed to be safer than a virus with a very high survival rate, such as COVID-19. The average survival rate for no COVID treatment at all is 99.85%, and we have very successful treatments available, which should easily achieve universal survivability from COVID, if widely available. Where does 99.85% survival come from?  Dr. John Ioannidis is the most widely cited scientist in the world. His estimate in June 2020, of a 0.26% infection fatality rate was confirmed around the world. 100% – 0.26% = 99.74% average survival rate. That has now been revised to IFR = 0.15%. So 100% – 0.15% = 99.85% survival rate.
by Colleen Huber, NMD

So, would you like to help humanity get through this do-or-die juncture or not? The choice is now yours for a limited time. You must ask yourself a simple question, which side are you on, the divine or the demonic? If you are unsure, perhaps now is the time to say a prayer to the creator and ask for help to guide you and give you the fortitude to make the correct decision.

“Jesus… What Happened To Us?” by Five Times August (3:06)

Those who want to help, email me back or use the Contact page before midnight on August 17, 2021:

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Now you know why this article was named, Ultimatum. I have explained that this is the final warning for our species to wake up and act now, and this is the last one I’m giving if you want to stay on my email list.

Either you understand the ruthless grasp of despotism is at our throat and want to help in any or every way possible, or you don’t. I have decided that those who do not want to help are not worth trying to enlighten with the information I have freely given away online for almost a quarter of a century. To put it more bluntly, I do not want those with such apathetic energy on my email list any longer. Of course, you may still visit EarthNewspaper and BitChute.com/EarthNewspaper whenever you please, and may you have a safe uncaring journey.

Entranced Till The End (Animation) (2:20)

“My feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and Saviour as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognised these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was his fight against the Jewish poison. Today, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognise more profoundly than ever before the fact that it was for this that He had to shed his blood upon the Cross. As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice. And as a man I have the duty to see to it that human society does not suffer the same catastrophic collapse as did the civilisation of the ancient world some two thousand years ago—a civilisation which was driven to its ruin through this same Jewish people. Then indeed when Rome collapsed there were endless streams of new German bands flowing into the Empire from the North; but, if Germany collapses today, who is there to come after us? German blood upon this earth is on the way to gradual exhaustion unless we pull ourselves together and make ourselves free! And if there is anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly, it is the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also a duty to my own people. And when I look on my people I see them work and work and toil and labour, and at the end of the week they have only for their wages wretchedness and misery. When I go out in the morning and see these men standing in their queues and look into their pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very devil, if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord two thousand years ago, turn against those by whom today this poor people are plundered and exploited.”
Adolf Hitler, Speech delivered at Munich on April 12, 1922

“If You Try To Force Something On Me, I’m Not Running Anywhere, I’m Going To Kill You” Former Marine (0:59)

I will end this article with an exceedingly dire warning: If we don’t unite together now to change the course of history peacefully, we will inevitably become backed into a corner, and soon afterward, an extremely violent World War Three will break out across the world, and in the United States over this premeditated fraud. So all patriotic Americans, hold on to the Second Amendment because then this following quote will have significant meaning.

“The only solution for bad and violent people
are good people that are more skilled in violence”
Japanese Samurai Bushido Code

Our Father

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

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