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Review Of The Benefits Of Vitamin D And Recommendations by Orthomolecular News Service

Both the scientific evidence for and the awareness of vitamin D’s importance for optimal health are mounting. Originally, researchers considered vitamin D important only for preventing rickets and other bone diseases. Now, however, they recognize that vitamin D affects more than just the skeleton.

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Dr. Richard Bartlett Interviewed by Debbie Georgatos (31:11)

Dr. Richard Bartlett Interviewed by Debbie Georgatos (31:11) (To view full screen click the link below.) America, Can We Talk with Debbie Georgatos

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42% Of All COVID-19 Deaths Occurred In Nursing Homes by Dr. Joseph Mercola

On average, 42% of all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. have occurred in nursing homes, assisted living and other long-term care facilities. This is extraordinary considering this group accounts for just 0.62% of the population.

Articles Big Pharma Black Projects Censorship Coronavirus / COVID-19 Dr. Joseph Mercola Economics Face Masks Government Health Medical Political Science Videos Vitamin D

How To Fix The COVID-19 Crisis In 30 Days For About 2 USD by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The COVID-19 pandemic could be resolved in 30 days for about $2 per person, simply by taking affirmative action to raise vitamin D levels among the general public. Optimizing your vitamin D could reduce your risk of severe COVID-19 by 90% and your risk of dying from it by 96%.