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Destroying America 1963 To 2021. by Video Rebel

Catherine Austin Fitts said in 1995 the decision was made to pull the plug on America. Wall Street Bankers since then have stolen $50 trillion from American taxpayers. The level of corruption was high when Israel was able with the assistance of the CIA (Cocaine Importing Agency), the FBI and the Secret Service to kill […]

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Dr. E. Michael Jones Removal From YouTube Has Happened (6:13)

Dr. E. Michael Jones Removal From YouTube Has Happened (6:13) (To view full screen click the link below.) E. Michael Jones E. Michael Jones is the editor of Culture Wars magazine: https://culturewars.com

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Breaking News: US Empire Of Debt Is Dead by Video Rebel

Let’s go back to 1972 when Dr Hudson published Super Imperialism in which he said the US was paying for its wars and military occupations by printing dollars. Hudson was invited to speak at the State Department and the Pentagon. The diplomats liked him, understood him and voiced no objections to the policy of papering […]

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Bill Gates Smirked. Will People Die? by Video Rebel

The self-anointed leaders of the world have decided that world population reduction down to half a billion to a billion people is on the agenda. Problem is that this means 7 billion or so people will have to die. Some of those commoners might decide to rebel rather than die to make life better for […]