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A Forest Of Death And Deception by Nancy Hitt

Due to a savage recommendation made by the Jewish head of the KGB, Lavrenti P. Beria, at least 14,000 of these imprisoned Polish elite had been executed by the Soviets during a two week period in April, 1940. The blood-thirsty barbarians, Stalin, Mikoyan, Voroshilov, and Molotov had signed on the dotted line. Kaganovich and Kalinin […]

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Cultural Marxism’s Origins by Sam Jacobs

How the Disciples of an Obscure Italian Linguist Subverted AmericaThe underlying theory here is a variant of Marxism, pioneered by early-20th-century Italian Marxist politician and linguist Antonio Gramsci. Gramscian Marxism is a radical departure from Classical Marxism. One does not need to endorse the Classical Marxism of Marx, Engels and others to appreciate the significant […]

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The Cossack Inferno by Mike Walsh

Waiting to escape Bolshevism’s murderous marauders was General Pyotr Wrangel’s Russian White Army. For years the general’s incredible wandering army had fought against the the Red Terror that was bringing death and destruction to occupied Russia. Finally, overwhelmed by the Soviets financed by Jacob Schiff’s Wall Street banks, 145,693 White Russians had only the exile […]

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Stimulating Videos: Informed Talks And Interviews by Institute For Historical Review

For convenient viewing, this recently refurbished webpage presents videos of stimulating, well-informed talks, lectures and interviews on a range of topics, including intriguing historical issues and important trends of our age.

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Iran’s Arrest Warrant For Trump by The World According To Jesse (22:54)

Iran’s Arrest Warrant For Trump by The World According To Jesse (22:54) (To view full screen click the link below.) The World According To Jesse Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos discuss allegations that Russia paid militants in Afghanistan to kill occupying US forces in the region, and why Iran has issued an arrest warrant […]

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The Crucifixion Of Russia by Daniel Walker (1:21:54)

The Crucifixion Of Russia by Daniel Walker (1:21:54) (To view full screen click the link below.) The Crucifixion Of Russia The Dark Truth About The Jewish Led Bolshevik RevolutionJewish Bolshevism and its toll on Russia and the East of Europe was one of the most devastating atrocities that ever occurred. While most Genocides are […]