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Spiritual Journey: Valaam Monastery In Russia’s Far North by RT Documentary (25:39)

Spiritual Journey: Valaam Monastery In Russia’s Far North by RT Documentary (25:39) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.)

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Water Fight: Israel Turns Off Jordan’s Water Supply Amid Drought And ‘Personal Frictions’, Media Reports by RT

Already in trouble with Jordan, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu escalated tensions with his country’s closest Arab ally on Friday by unilaterally rejecting its request to increase water supply to the drought-hit kingdom. Netanyahu’s decision – reportedly influenced by a souring of his personal relationship with Jordanian King Abdullah II – went against the security […]

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‘Just Like Pirates’ by RT

Syrian Minister Says US Controls Most Crude Reserves In Northeast, Loots Oil To Strangle Country’s EconomySyria’s petroleum minister has condemned US forces for acting “like pirates” as Washington continues to plunder most of the oil wealth from the country’s resource-rich northeast, where the Pentagon backs Kurdish militia groups. “Americans and their allies are targeting the […]