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Early Revisionism Outside Occupied Germany by Frederick Donauer

A relatively obscure German-language monthly magazine was published in Buenos Aires from 1947 to 1957 named Der Weg (The Path), published by the Dürer-Verlag there. It reported the post-war era from abroad – that is, free from the control and censorship of Germany’s occupiers. Thus, early versions of revisionist thought and analysis appear in the […]

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Thought Control American Style by Philip Giraldi

The Social Justice Warriors Will Destroy Our Basic Freedoms Just as the Israel Firsters in Congress and in the state legislative bodies have had great success in criminalizing any criticism of the Jewish state, the mainstream media’s “fake news” in support of the “woke” crowd agenda has already succeeded in forcing out many alternative voices […]

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Jonestown (14 Videos) Playlist by Mark R. Elsis

Jonestown – CIA Mind Control 1 of 2 (9:44) Jonestown – CIA Mind Control Part 2 of 2 (9:44) Welcome To Jonestown Was the mass suicide at Jim Jones’ commune in Guyana in 1978 a CIA mind control experiment?