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The First Room-Temperature Superconductor Has Finally Been Found by Emily Conover

The compound conducts electricity without resistance up to 15° C, but only under high pressure. Dias and colleagues formed the superconductor by squeezing carbon, hydrogen and sulfur between the tips of two diamonds and hitting the material with laser light to induce chemical reactions. At a pressure about 2.6 million times that of Earth’s atmosphere, […]

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Pufferfish May Be Carving Mysterious ‘Crop Circles’ Near Australia by Jake Buehler

In 2011, scientists discovered that tiny pufferfish were sculpting Japan’s underwater “mystery circles.” Now, more circles have emerged in Australia. Japan’s white-spotted pufferfish are renowned for producing complex, ringed patterns in the sand. Now, 5,500 kilometers away in Australia, scientists have discovered what appear to be dozens more of these creations.

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The Art Of The Gag by Buster Keaton (8:34)

The Art Of The Gag by Buster Keaton (8:34) (To view full screen click the link below.) Art Of The Gag by Buster Keaton Edited and Narrated by Tony Zhou International Buster Keaton Society Buster Keaton – IMDb Buster Keaton – Biography